Helpful Banners And Posters

I love reading. I read just almost anything-from the newspapers to even the billboards and signage which I pass by every time I travel. I even read the finest prints which I can find on the reading material. I was told that those with the fine prints have valuable information so I really take time reading it. I guess the only things which I do not read are those which corrupt the mind and the heart. Well, you know what I mean.

And for some reason, one of things which really entertain me the most is reading the posters and most especially the banners which are supported by the Outdoor Banner Brackets which can be found inside and/or outside a shopping mall, financial institution and other business establishments. These posters and banners are not only entertaining but they are also informative especially when there is an upcoming sale. Some government and non-government organizations also use these banners and posters to inform the public or the community. They are less expensive and require little attention after it is installed compared to billboards. They also make these banners and posters attractive as much as possible in order to catch the attention of the passers-by. As for the banners, they would hang multiple of them on the lamp post or light pole brackets along the streets or any crowded places. If the first and second banner cannot catch your attention the rest definitely will. In addition, to make these banners even more eye-catching, some business establishments use commercial architectural lighting such as gooseneck lights, sign flood lights and spot lights to ensure the visibility of these banners especially at night.

You can get a lot of information by reading a lot of books, newspapers and magazines and other reading materials. They keep us updated of what is going on around us. On the other hand posters, banners and other advertising materials also provide the same benefits but in a short, catchy and précis manner.

Witty Advertisements

Advertisements are a part of every growing business. Businessmen utilize different forms of advertisements to publicize their products or launch a new product. One of the most popular methods of advertising these days is by advertising online through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest because of the increasing number of netizens each day. Most business minded people I know, like my friends, have been using these social media in promoting their business. Most of them transacts their business such as buy and sell through social media as well. This is also considered as a very effective and convenient mean of marketing. This is also the easiest.

However, in spite the fact that most businessmen had their products advertise using electronic billboards, there are still several businessmen who still prefer advertising their products the traditional way. You can often find their ads illuminated with exterior gooseneck sign lights such as the Metal Halide Goosenecks with Integral Ballasts on huge billboards which can be seen outside the shopping malls and other crowded places. Some use signage or banners in advertising as well. The best thing about the Metal Halide Goosenecks with Integral Ballasts is that it is weather proof. It can withstand cold weather climate. It is also known for its durability. Moreover, this type of gooseneck lighting is energy efficient which is the kind of lighting fixture that we all need today considering the increasing electric bills.

Advertisements are beneficial to businessmen as well as the customers. As a customer, most ads today are informative. Oftentimes I check the billboards and banners which I often pass by everytime I drive to work or everytime I drive around because most of them are entertaining and informative. These type of ads are what we need today. It does not matter if your product is advertised on a huge billboard or banner. The most important thing is that rhe tag line should also be witty and funny because more often than not, we can easily remember a product name or a business name through their taglines.

Revisiting Our Favorite Restaurant

Working in the customer service can be very stressful. I used to think that being a customer service agent is one of the coolest jobs ever. It is not only a high paying job it is easy as well because all you need to do is just sit down and answer phone calls. Everybody in our neighborhood thinks the same way too. What I don’t understand back then that in spite the fact that it is a high paying job most people I know don’t stay longer than two years. But after working in this line of work for four years and five months I realized why. It is not as easy as I thought it was. Answering all the queries of your customers, listening to their woes, complains and curses which are not even directed at you can be a test of patience. But in spite of these I loved my job. I love my teammates. They are the reasons why I lasted in this job for a long time.

After our work we would go to our favorite restaurant. It is our way for getting rid of all the stress acquired from the office. What we like about the restaurant aside from their excellent customer service and exemplary dishes is the atmosphere. The place is adorned with different types of flowering plants and green plants inside out. They have a cool sandblasted commercial signage, an Oval Custom Sandblasted Sign, which holds their name. The design of the signage gives the restaurant a French country style which is kind of appealing in spite of its simplicity. They also have one of theses changeable letter signs, a Portable A-Frame Changeable Letter Folding Signs, which are popularly used in schools, hospitals and churches to display important messages. We often check that Portable A-Frame Changeable Letter Folding Signs for their daily promotions and menu of the day. This is much convenient compared to the usual menu books because the letters are large enough to read. Moreover, what we like best about this restaurant is that we were given a ten percent discount since we are their valued customers.

Yesterday, after two years, my friends and I went back to that restaurant. Everything still looks the same. It still has the same French country style signage and changeable letter signs. There have been additional flowering plants inside and they added a small fountain inside as their new attraction. We were told that the management has changed but other than that we still see familiar friendly faces of the staff. In spite of all the changes that is going on around I guess some things don't change.

Signs We See Everyday

Listening to the success story of every successful businessman can be inspiring. Its struggle to reach the top of the business ladder will serve as a great motivation. It serves as a great inspiration to everyone especially to businessmen who are just starting their business. It is like listening to a fairy tale when we were still young where everything ends in a happily ever after. And in every success story of a business establishment is a signage.

We all know that signage is not only a mean to give us direction. It is also a mean to give us direction. We see different types of signage every day. We see them everywhere as well. We often pass them on the street as we go to work or go anywhere we want to. These signs make a great job in giving us a warning and a safety reminder in a form of street signs which hang proudly on a cast aluminum sign frames or custom decorative street sign frame all the time. Aside from these and most importantly, there are also different types of signage such as billboards that serve as a marketing sign of every successful business establishments or business owners. These billboards just like any other marketing tools are made as colorful and catchy as much as possible. They are the vanguards of every business establishments. 

Every signage has a story to tell. It has witnessed all the ups and downs of its business owner. If only it can talk, it would tell us the stories behind the success or failure of its business owner. It may sadden us to know about the failure of such business establishment. But its failure will always serve as a lesson. On the other hand, the success of every business owner or business establishment will surely inspire or motivate a lot of aspiring businessmen to know the secrets behind the success of every successful business owners or business establishment.

The Downside of Commercial Lights


A few years back, our ancestors may have dreamt of making our streets, homes, and building structures shine brightly. They may have wished that we will not be walking the streets with nothing but candle sticks or torches to light our path at night anymore. Moreover they may not have dreamt that with the changing times, we may not have made the night like day and the day like night. Architectural design lighting fixtures such as gooseneck lighting, warehouse lights and pendant lights which are popular lighting fixtures among business owners and most especially among advertisers played a huge role in changing our lifestyle. It had opened a lot of business opportunities to everyone. It had also made the night a lot safer for navigation for everyone.

However, if they see us today, they may not have wished the same. These gooseneck lights, warehouse lights and other architectural design lighting fixtures may have provided us with protection at night and made our lives easier, it also had some negative impact to our lives especially to our children’s. With all the glamour brought about by these lighting fixtures, it is hard for every parent to keep their child stay safely in the protection of our home. For all we know, most kids in general loves the thrill of going out with friends at night. They find it adventurous and more fun compared to staying home and studying. I pretty much understand where they are coming from. I used to sneak out and in of the house like a thief too. But eventually they found out my whereabouts. Although I did nothing that will make them shameful of me, I still feel ashamed that I have disobeyed them. What’s ironic is that after they found out, let hell break loose, and forgave me, they promised to allow me to go out just as long as I ask for their permission; I decided not to go out anymore. The fun and adventure of sneaking out and in of the house has ended. 

They may have done some reverse psychology method on me or perhaps they may have some of these adventures themselves when they were as young as I was. Whatever it was, the bright lights of these commercial gooseneck exterior lights no longer attract me like a moth to the fire.

Traffice Signs For Our Road Safety

Vehicular accidents are one of the leading causes of death across the globe. It is quite alarming that in spite of all the driving lessons we have, we still get involve into this type of accident. Traffic enforcers make sure that all motorists follow traffic rules and regulations by having traffic signs everywhere. Traffic lights and street lamps are also a great help in preventing road accidents. However there are still news reports of vehicular accidents everyday in all parts of the world? Has our government fail in to ensure our safety or the traffic rules are not yet perfected? Or is it because all of us are not responsible motorists?

Traffic signs  and road signs on metal sign frames are not put up on the street for decorative purposes. They are set up not for any reason but for our safety. We can find them in almost every to send us a message that we should be careful. However, some of us often fail to read these road signs. These road signs could have helped us avoid from hurting ourselves as well as others. This little misstep can cause us of our life and someone else’ life. There are also times that we fail to follow a simple rule that we should not drink and drive. Driving under the influence of drugs is also a big no. Texting while driving is also considered illegal. We should remember that every time we hit the road we are not only responsible for our life but the lives of others as well.

Being a responsible driver is not easy to most of us. To those who have no respect to the traffic rules should not be allowed to drive. It also means that they have no respect to life as well. They are the reasons why even the most careful driver gets into an accident. We should also remember that road signs and other traffic warning devices can greatly help us avoid accidents. Therefore, we need to learn them by heart.

Custom Sign For Your Business

A few days ago I pass by a newly opened store in our neighborhood with no signage or any indication of its name nor the nature of its business. Intrigued I went in and was greeted by a cheerful sales clerk who informed me that they are not yet officially in business.

According to the sales clerk, their custom commercial sign has not been delivered yet and he is waiting for its delivery when I entered the store. I also found out that they are selling several types of Chinese tea and some Chinese medicines which according to the sales clerk are very effective in treating almost all types of ailments. I am not a big fan of herbal medicines or tea but I bought some tea products anyway. I was told that the Chinese teas especially the green tea they are selling is effective in weight reduction.  It is also high in anti oxidants and can lower high blood pressure. A week later after drinking the green tea, I lose a few pounds. So I returned to the store to buy some more teas and this time a huge custom sign bearing the name of the store is proudly hanging outside the same store greeted me. There were also a lot of customers waiting to be served. I was told by the same sales clerk who assisted me that their business has been doing fine since their opening day. The custom sign also made a big difference to their business because it gave them a sense of identity.

Signage used to be an eyesore for me but I perfectly understood now why they are necessary in every business or commercial establishments. Without it, nameless business establishments would appear illegal and customers will not dare enter the store. These signage bear their name. Just like our names, signage also serves as their identity.

Securing Your Signage With Durable Sign Mounting Hardware


Signage and large billboards are often seen in the most crowded part of the city. You can often find them downtown especially in the shopping malls and hotels. They are also present in places which travelers pass all the time such as the bus stops or train stations. Some of these signage and billboards are put up to raise social awareness. But most of the time they are used to advertise products.

Considering the number of people passing through in these crowded areas, advertisers and marketing experts must also take into account the safety of the crowd. Surely, nobody would want any of these signage and billboards falling off and hurting everyone. If this type of accident happens, it will not only hurt your company, you will also be held liable for risking the life and safety of everyone present in the vicinity. Thus, it is important that people involved in installing the signage and billboards must use not just any sign mounting hardware. Sign mounting hardware such as the functional brackets like the oxide black stainless steel S hooks, jack chain and the likes, which are often used for mounting these signage and billboards, must be durable and should be within the standard set by the experts to ensure the safety of everyone. Moreover, these sign mounting hardware are not only durable but they are manufactured in an attractive way to match your artfully made commercial signage and billboards.

A company which is not only after the increase of its sales but with the safety and well-being of their customers, prospective customers and even its competition as well is admirable. A good advertising such as the billboards, banners and signage will probably make the people notice your product. But it is the importance you give to your customers or prospective customers will earn you their loyalty.

Travelling With The Help Of Street Signs


Not all of us know how to use the GPS . Neither know how to use the Google map nor Google earth. Unlike our great forefathers, we are not skilled to know how to get directions using the natural elements of this world. For these traffic officers, traffic signs and street names are of great help and important to a lot of travelers and commuters. Even those who can barely read will be able to reach their destination just as long as they are familiar with the shapes of these cast aluminum sign frame.

Isn’t it that whenever we go to a new place or travel to a strange place, we usually depend on the road signs which we pass along the way. Although not all of us has a sense of direction, still these road signs or traffic signs help us avoid accidents . It helps us reach our destination safe and sound especially if we are traveling at night. However, there are times when these signage are not that helpful especially when it is dilapidated and are hard to read. That is quite distressing for travelers especially those who are not familiar to the place. Even those who are suppose to know the place at the palm of their hands will have difficulty in finding the right way to reach their destination since landmarks and other road identifications are known to change because of some natural elements.

I know I have said many times in my previous blogs that I have no sense of direction and often get lost even in my own place. I have been too dependent to technology such as my GPS that had somehow made me panic and cripple if I am not without it. But somehow I still manage to reach my destination with a few hiccups. But worst things could have happened if there are no road signs, street names and other helpful signage which tell me where is leading to where.

Street Lights And Traffic Signs For Road Safety

Road accidents or vehicular accidents is known to be one of the leading causes of death among Americans according to FHWA or Federal Highway Administration. It is also the leading cause of death across the globe base on statistics. In spite of the best efforts of offices such as FHWA who are responsible for making our roads safe, this type of fatality still happen. Is it because of our lack of discipline? Or is it because of our carelessness? Perhaps. But then again, accidents just happen.

I have a few near death experiences because of road accidents myself. My last experience happened sometime in mid-April. My cousin and I were driving home from their farm in spite of my uncle's wishes that we spend the night with them. We should have listened to him because on our way home we almost crashed into a road safety barrier which could have badly injured if not killed us. That would not have happened if there are roadway lighting or street lights along the way. There are no safety road signs or traffic signs to guide motorist as well. 

Street lights and traffic signs may not ensure total road safety or prevent accidents. But somehow, these will lessen road accidents and other traffic related accidents.

Satisfaction Guaranteed


We are living in an era where almost everything we own or possess are easily disposed such as cups, spoons, forks, plates, and towels. It does not matter whether they are expensive or not because these days you can seldom find items which are 100% durable. Compared to the products which were sold a few decades ago, the current products are inferior. For example, one of the electric fans we have at home was purchased sometime in the mid 80’s and amazingly, it still works. On the other hand the electric fan which I bought earlier this year does not work like it used to. What happened was that the quality of the the product is often compromised in order to sell it at an affordable price. Some manufacturers do not care about quality anymore just as long as they earn. Sure I purchased the new fan at a lower price but the stress it gives me every time it fails to work is incomparable. I would rather pay for something expensive just as long as it will last than buy something that will only work whenever it wants to. 

However there are still manufacturers such as the Signbracketstore which would ensure the effectiveness and durability of the products they sell in the market. They value customer satisfaction more than anything else. Everything they sell is satisfaction guaranteed which means that if you are not satisfied with the products such as the sign hardware, banner brackets, and other signage related items, they can be returned and 100% refunded within 15 days upon purchase. You can seldom find a manufacturer like them who values their customer and establishes for a long term relationship by ensuring the quality and effectiveness of their products. 

It is hard to stay afloat in in the business especially when you have a lot of competition. The only way to survive is to be even better. Always treat your customers right and for sure you will be rewarded with their loyalty.

Advertise With Class And Beauty

Going around downtown is entertaining. You can see different promotional materials everywhere. Each promotional material shows how the people behind the advertisement gave their best to catch the attention of the public. Each advertisement is witty and artistically done with a few exceptions. Bigger companies normally use state of the art digital signage also known as Dynamic Digital Communication, giant billboards with architectural RLM lighting, and banners to showcase their company or products. To reach more customers, newspaper ads, television ads, online ads and radio ads were also used and are proven to be effective. Some would even have custom sign to give their business an added boost.

On the other hand, businesses who are just starting up, use the classy hanging blade sign brackets. It may not be as huge the the billboard ads or digital signages but it does the job of promoting your business after dusk with its sign lights and sign lighting to provide illumination.

You can say that a certain business is alive because of the advertisements and other promotional strategies. Companies should not just use any form of promotional materials to advertise what they can offer to the public. It should be with class and pride. Customers prefer business establishments or shops which are classy and yet they are made important. As a customer myself, I prefer stores or restaurants which are known for their integrity, affordable products and best customer service. Perhaps, all the signage are just a mean to attract customers but what can really make a customer loyal are their customer service.

Various Ways To Advertise


All types of advertisements are seen everywhere and in every form. You can find different forms of commercial advertisements online, especially on the mobile games or online games you play and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also find marketing materials such banners, billboards with gooseneck sign lights, or decorative sign posts in real estates, the shopping malls, airports, on the television or newspaper. I used to be irritated by them. But somehow I learned to accept that without advertisements, there is no one who will support the shows we watch, the news we read on newspapers or the games we play. Without them, we will have limited shows or news. All mobile games or online games will also be played with a fee. In other words, our entertainment, comes with a cost which is willingly paid by advertisers.

However, not all advertisements are meant to persuade people to buy their products. For example, during the time of election, political parties, supporters and politicians use various forms of advertisements such banners, television and newspapers to persuade the public to vote for them. Non-government organizations such as the Save the Children, a non-profit organization who is committed to help children around the world by providing them with food, medical assistance, education and sees to the full recovery of their community, also utilize all possible means of advertisements to seek assistance across the globe or to promote social awareness. NGO ads on the other hand is done for free. 

We cannot live without advertisements, non-profit or commercial. These are something which the world cannot live without. Even we advertise ourselves. We promote ourselves to get us a job, to gain friends, and to be a part of a group or to gain the approval of other people by making ourselves look good, educating ourselves everyday and improve our personality.

Finding Your Way With the Help of Signs

I have poor navigational skills. It does not matter if it is my first time in a particular store or not, I still get lost. It is one of the reasons why I am dependent with my smart phone. It helps me find my way around. However, smart phones have some limitations as well. It drains its battery a lot faster than the basic phones. It is the reason why I always carry with me a charger and a power bank. There are also times when you cannot connect to the internet because of a poor internet signal. I am also thankful that street signs, hallway signs and restroom signs were invented. They are a great help not only to first time tourists but also to people like me who lack a sense of direction. I know that you can always ask other people for directions. However, more often than not, I find their information a bit confusing.

Asking people for directions is my last resort if I really can't find my way around after a few tries. I greatly appreciate shopping malls and groceries stores like Save-A-Lot. Save-A-Lot grocery stores, a subsidiary of SUPERVALU INC, has been a household name since time immemorial. Other than their affordable prices and great quality of meat, dairy products and fresh fruits and vegetables, they have friendly and helpful staff. I can also find my way around without much help from other people. They have huge signs and the labels on the hanging sign frames are clear and attractive which are perfect for people who have poor visions.

Getting lost in a new place is understandable. However, if you are still having problems finding your way around in spite of the directional signs and maps sounds ridiculous, funny and adventurous. Yet it happens. If you are having problems with directions and do not want to get lost, it is best if you travel with someone who knows the place very well.

Signage Good Landmarks For Road Tripping

I have never truly appreciated signage until recently when I went to my best friend's place alone for the first time. She asked me to be one the godparents to her first daughter. In spite of my doubts, I agreed, since it is not right to deny a child, who we consider an angel, such right for our parenthood. I was suppose to go with our other friends who were also asked to be godparents. However, on the day of my godchild's baptism, they were unable to go because their bosses refuse to give them an emergency leave. So I went alone with a mixed feeling of adventure and fear. I have no sense of direction. I get lost all the time even in my own city or even in the same mall. So how am suppose to survive? 

Armed with my smartphone's GPS or Global Positioning System I went alone. I googled the address first for directions and checked for the best route and mode of transportation. I was not confident in driving my car to her place so I decided to take the bus instead. It is a good thing that I remembered the landmarks to her place which happens to be a huge Olympian model stone monument sign that bears the name of their subdivision. There were also lamp posts to every street in the subdivision. I also asked almost everyone I meet where the church is. I breathe a sigh of relief when I saw the church where my would-be goddaughter will be christened to be a part of the Christian world. 

I was wrong to say that I have no sense of direction. Perhaps if its not for my smartphone, the sign posts and the landmarks I would not have found my way. That adventure had taught me to be more self reliant. It also gave me a sense of pride to know that I was able to survive being lost again.

Caveat Emptor

There are a lot of ways in how businessmen and advertisers convince there buyers or would-be customers into buying. More often than not, advertisers use the media such as the television networks, radio stations and newspapers. It is only logical and smart since the media has a huge coverage of potential customers or buyers. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and the likes are also used as a medium in advertising your products. You can advertise or promote your products and pay a small amount only through these social medias. This is less expensive compared to television networks, newspapers and radio stations who charge advertisers handsomely. Most businessmen I know promote their business online through the social media or social book marking. You can also see their ads anywhere on the page or site you are visiting because these sites only charge a smaller fee compared to television networks and radio stations. These are very effective marketing promotions these days especially if you are introducing your products for the first time. 

As a potential customer or buyer myself, I mentioned in my previous blog that these type of promotions do not normally work for me. What best works for me is the word of mouth. This also one of the reasons why some companies would gather a few ordinary looking people who will attempt to persuade the potential buyers by professing on how good and effective the product is. Most of them sound convincing and thus you end up buying the product. I also fell for this type of promotion or is it because I am not hard to convince? Perhaps salesmen are really good in picking the person who they can easily persuade to buy their products. 

I often say that you should only buy what you need and not your wants especially when your money is meant for something else. However, it is easier said than done. It really takes a herculean effort and discipline to walk away from these products which seems to be great deals especially when you are in the mall with all those fancy and witty banners on hanging sign brackets and the lovely clothes highlighted with commercial light reflectors. That is the reason why we were taught in school of the famous phrase "caveat emptor" which means let the buyer beware so we should be wise enough to choose which or whom to believe. Otherwise we will be buying even those what we don't need and end up in debt.

Ads That Leave An Impression

Advertising is an art. It requires a fountain of endless creative ideas. It should also be witty, attractive and should leave a lasting impression to the public. It should also be entertaining and brief if you want to keep the public's attention to your product or cause. You should also consider your audience. Surely, there are impressionable kids who will not stop asking questions to anything they see, feel and think. My young nephews and nieces does that all the time. We were kids once too and I am sure that our parents do not want to be within our perimeter when we start asking the what's and the why's which seems to last forever. 

avenue or boulevard banners and light pole or lamp post brackets

Advertising serves as the public's guide in buying their basic necessities. It is a very powerful tool in marketing which influences us to buy a certain product. For most of us, we normally buy the products which we often see on the television or on an avenue or boulevard banners and light pole or lamp post brackets which we always pass by on the street or those which are highly recommended by our friends. But most of the time we buy the things which are recommended by our friends because they are “tried and tested” without thinking that we have different likes,wants and needs. I always fall for the highly recommended products. I used to buy products which were suggested either by a family member, friends or relatives. There was a time when I bought a soap because according to my cousin it is effective in removing pimples. I have also seen the effects to her skin. Unfortunately, it multiplied the pimples on my skin instead of removing them. Lesson learned. What is effective to you may not be effective to everyone. 

There so many things a good advertiser should consider every time they promote a product. They should also follow the Advertising Standards Authority or ASA code of advertising standards. That will greatly help them create not only an artistic ad but also a 'legal, decent, honest and truthful' one too.