The Downside of Commercial Lights


A few years back, our ancestors may have dreamt of making our streets, homes, and building structures shine brightly. They may have wished that we will not be walking the streets with nothing but candle sticks or torches to light our path at night anymore. Moreover they may not have dreamt that with the changing times, we may not have made the night like day and the day like night. Architectural design lighting fixtures such as gooseneck lighting, warehouse lights and pendant lights which are popular lighting fixtures among business owners and most especially among advertisers played a huge role in changing our lifestyle. It had opened a lot of business opportunities to everyone. It had also made the night a lot safer for navigation for everyone.

However, if they see us today, they may not have wished the same. These gooseneck lights, warehouse lights and other architectural design lighting fixtures may have provided us with protection at night and made our lives easier, it also had some negative impact to our lives especially to our children’s. With all the glamour brought about by these lighting fixtures, it is hard for every parent to keep their child stay safely in the protection of our home. For all we know, most kids in general loves the thrill of going out with friends at night. They find it adventurous and more fun compared to staying home and studying. I pretty much understand where they are coming from. I used to sneak out and in of the house like a thief too. But eventually they found out my whereabouts. Although I did nothing that will make them shameful of me, I still feel ashamed that I have disobeyed them. What’s ironic is that after they found out, let hell break loose, and forgave me, they promised to allow me to go out just as long as I ask for their permission; I decided not to go out anymore. The fun and adventure of sneaking out and in of the house has ended. 

They may have done some reverse psychology method on me or perhaps they may have some of these adventures themselves when they were as young as I was. Whatever it was, the bright lights of these commercial gooseneck exterior lights no longer attract me like a moth to the fire.

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