LED Leads Lighting Manufacturing This Year

Yesterday I wrote an article about manufacturing businesses in USA that become the vital source of progressing economy in our country especially in lighting industry. Today I read some common issues that will make an impact to lighting business this year, 2013. I have searched constituents online about their thoughts, and their certain vantage point pertaining to design, manufacturing, administration and education on what we may expect for lighting manufacturing in 2013. Many of the constituents believe that LEDs continue to offer a good alternative but our vintage lighting must not be left behind. In fact most of commercial establishments still using the old luminaires for many purposes. However with advancements in technology, LEDs become our best alternative as many experts says.

According to Mark Major at Speirs + Major," In creative terms, we see the combination of continuing improvements to solid-state lighting technology, and in particular control, providing exciting new possibilities. LEDs continue to improve in terms of quality, output, and efficiency such that “all-LED schemes” are now becoming the norm. We are interested in lighting technology and the potential of new materials, especially those that react to light. This can include new types of composites, resins, glasses, plastics, and films."

I am not surprised that some time in the future LEDs will replaced old luminaires and still offering the same features and qualities. In my own opinion lighting bulbs may be totally abandoned and replaced by LEDs but the fixtures may still be the same. For architecture, the vintage look of certain fixtures such as outdoor gooseneck lighting and barn lights still be useful in most businesses, even for residential solutions. I have foreseen that lighting industries might adopt LEDs due to its quality and efficiency but the housing or fixtures itself may still have the vintage substance. 

For commercial lighting solutions LEDs is a promising  vector towards development and productivity. Moreover,  sustainability and globalization are also the common issues that will impact lighting industries this year and onwards. Businesses and common people will surely adapt these changes as time goes by. We need change for the betterment of our lifestyle and our society.  

Manufacturing Becomes USA Biggest Asset

Last year over summer millions of Americans were dismayed when they realized that U.S. Olympic Uniforms were all made in China. In the world's market, it is not surprising to see products and services sourced around the world. But just for the mere uniforms of U.S. Olympic Team that represents our country supposed to be our nation's pride should represent us in every way. This notion brought the government into realization that even we are the greatest manufacturing nation should not be complacent by any single means.

The United States is still the world's biggest manufacturing business in the world, making over 18 percent of global manufactured products according to Rep. Lee Terry, a republican representative from Nebraska. According to him Manufacturing jobs produce high paying income sources and drives innovation in technology and advancement, deepening our national security and generate economic value than any other sector. Moreover President Obama said, "Our first priority is making America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing.

It is not surprising why lighting manufacturers gain so much attention in today's world. Lighting as our basic needs is developing over time. Most businesses today considered proper lighting as a way to gain productivity, efficiency, beauty and distinction. Even amusement parks need lighting to be more secure and accommodating than ever. Through technological advancements, lighting is utilized for business and residential aesthetics. Gooseneck lighting developed by manufacturers, provide adequate illumination for awnings, business signage and used as task lighting. 

In order to strengthen economic stability including manufacturing sector in United States, our government need a new winning strategy for manufacturing. These includes reasonable tax code, highly skilled artisans or workers and competitive trade policies. Lighting manufacturer must also be covered.

"Made in America should be a shared pride for all Americans. This nation was built upon the foundation of hard work, determination, and innovation. We are a nation of builders; we must do everything we can to unleash America's potential and let American manufacturers succeed." Rep Lee Terry added.

Casa de Bandini Best Dining Destination

After a very long month of intense work, one would like to have a few days to relax and be away with the pressure at work. Well, a good vacation will be the nice escape for you. Although you may spend some money but the end result will surely be rewarding that you will not bother even if you spend some money in the process. Well, you may be thinking of having a few days break from work right now, you should see to it that you will visit places that will give you comfort and enjoyment at the same time. Choose places that have the best scenery, climate and restaurants so that you can have the things that will make your vacation worthwhile.

If you happen to like Mexican food during summer, there is one restaurant in California that I strongly recommend. It is located in Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad, California. The Casa de Bandini have over 80 entrĂ©e selections and features authentic Mexican food, best entertainment and an environment that represents the beautiful Colonial Mexico. It is a one of a kind restaurant wherein you will feel that you are in Mexico and having your vacation at a very reasonable cost. It is considered as one of the best dining destination in California that you and your family will surely love. You don’t have to worry about other destinations that are accessible in the area because the Casa de Bandini is located in the Forum Shopping Center in Carlsbad, California. It simply means that you will have wonderful places to visit after dining.

What makes the Casa de Bandini more elegant is the scenery every night wherein you can enjoy your Mexican food in the heated patio while beautiful gooseneck lighting accentuated the entire area. Well, the lights serve as the best touch in the environment especially during the night. It adds to the elegance of the surrounding making it more relaxing. You will surely enjoy the food you are eating with the help of some gooseneck lights.

Indeed, you should make some arrangements with your vacation leave right now and grab the opportunity to unwind in one of the best Mexican restaurant in California. It will be a vacation worth spending for.

On The Spot: Islands Restaurant In Carlsbad Providing Delicious Treats

Although summer is just a month away you can now feel the intense heat of the sun! It is time for young surfers to play on summer beaches and enjoy the waves. If you are living near the beach of California, surfing must be your hobby and if you are just happen to visit CA you would not surely miss peeking on the beaches. Carlsbad is one of the cities that is blessed with beautiful beaches and resorts not to mention restaurants and delicious food for everybody. 

For Gremmies or young surfers I recommend visiting Islands restaurant located at 889 Palomar Airport Road Carlsbad, CA beside the Mobil gas station. They served tasty gremmie menu- you can check their website here. They are serving original recipes featuring gourmet hamburgers, special drinks and treats that parents would love as well. In fact Islands restaurant has 50 branches scattered throughout southern California and Arizona. Over the years they have added more tasty burgers, served too many baskets of fresh cut fries and salads and soft tacos in perfection. In Carlsbad, Islands restaurant did not miss serving the local diners with great food and accommodation.

With over 50 branches all over United States, Island Restaurants already made its mark and distinction to American people. This is not only because of its original recipes but the service it offers to all of her customers as well. Looking at the picture above, who would you think not like to dine in this fine restaurant? See how they accentuate their building with artistic lighting fixtures. These polished aluminum 12" Barn Light Shades w/ Gooseneck Arm Extension are perfect fixtures to accentuate awnings making it more enticing to dine. Planters with unique ferns also ornate the walls and pillars of the building making it more gorgeous and welcoming.

For business owners, you must think the same way Island Restaurant serves American People. You need originality, quality and distinction and to become more popular is to make your business visible by day and night.

If you are living in Carlsbad or just passing by the Palomar Airport, do not miss to visit Island Restaurant for they offer treats for happy customers. What you see is what you get at Islands Restaurant.

Make Your Landscaping Project Beautiful With Landscape Lighting

Prior to investing in any landscaping project and in lighting, you need to identify all your needs and your purpose. Many business owners and homeowners would want to have a beautiful space, perhaps they want to set a soft, and sweet ambiance during evening hours. Other reason may be you need proper illumination on shadowy corners because more light is needed for security purposes. Or your garden needs track lighting through the walkways which is necessary to mark its boundaries. And maybe you need illumination for your signage or for important architectural points of your home or business spaces.

Once you define your purpose it is time for you to sketch up your plan according to the area of the space you want to illuminate. You must include in your layout all fixtures that are visible in the area not limited to existing light sources, trees, shrubs and other fixtures that are immovable. Remember that all visible existing items will absorb and reflect light at the same time, thus it can affect the lighting plan you wish to develop.

Then match the purpose of your lighting to specific locations in your layout. If you have trouble plotting it, it would be nice to set this up at night, use flashlight with spot and flood lights feature so you wood definitely test the best lighting effects and drama you need in a given space. You can highlight pathways or walk ways, even shrubs and trees, or any spots that requires lighting. 

Take note and record all the wattage rating of each lighting fixture you wish to employ for your landscaping plan, as well as the wiring you used for the set up. You need this information to determine the type of transformer/power pack that will work for the whole lighting system. Choose a low voltage landscaping lighting for it will help you save electricity and utility bills and making your environment beautiful than ever at the same time. Use Low Voltage Directional Bullet Lights for your up- lighting and choose Halogen bulbs for your gooseneck lights as sign lighting.

Once you verified all the things you need and determine the whole budget of the project, it is time for you to formalize your plan. Follow all manufacturer's instructions on how to set up every fixture you need for landscaping. If you have problem doing so, you need to contact professionals to help you putting everything to work.