Manufacturing Becomes USA Biggest Asset

Last year over summer millions of Americans were dismayed when they realized that U.S. Olympic Uniforms were all made in China. In the world's market, it is not surprising to see products and services sourced around the world. But just for the mere uniforms of U.S. Olympic Team that represents our country supposed to be our nation's pride should represent us in every way. This notion brought the government into realization that even we are the greatest manufacturing nation should not be complacent by any single means.

The United States is still the world's biggest manufacturing business in the world, making over 18 percent of global manufactured products according to Rep. Lee Terry, a republican representative from Nebraska. According to him Manufacturing jobs produce high paying income sources and drives innovation in technology and advancement, deepening our national security and generate economic value than any other sector. Moreover President Obama said, "Our first priority is making America a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing.

It is not surprising why lighting manufacturers gain so much attention in today's world. Lighting as our basic needs is developing over time. Most businesses today considered proper lighting as a way to gain productivity, efficiency, beauty and distinction. Even amusement parks need lighting to be more secure and accommodating than ever. Through technological advancements, lighting is utilized for business and residential aesthetics. Gooseneck lighting developed by manufacturers, provide adequate illumination for awnings, business signage and used as task lighting. 

In order to strengthen economic stability including manufacturing sector in United States, our government need a new winning strategy for manufacturing. These includes reasonable tax code, highly skilled artisans or workers and competitive trade policies. Lighting manufacturer must also be covered.

"Made in America should be a shared pride for all Americans. This nation was built upon the foundation of hard work, determination, and innovation. We are a nation of builders; we must do everything we can to unleash America's potential and let American manufacturers succeed." Rep Lee Terry added.

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