Go green with House Plants

Air pollution is a worldwide environmental concern nowadays. Diseases are spreading, evolving and lurking all over the place as a result. We often think even in a very small ways how to do things that are healthier for ourselves and our living spaces.

Our home is a source of our energy. After the long and tiring day we go home and rejuvenate our spirit and strength. Sometimes we are unaware of just how many unhealthy toxins are in the air around us even when we feel the most relaxed. Keeping small plants living and thriving in the kitchen, dining room and entry areas can not only make us feel better about life but can help clean the air we breathe. Indoor container gardening is a great way to do this.

Indoor plants can look great all around our home. These plants can thrive in pots, planters and flower boxes. But are you aware what best plants to use for each room? Here are some suggestions:

The Eureka is a great plant placed nearly anywhere because of their bright colored leaves.

A Spathiphyllum is considered to be a big breather because of its wide leaves and performs a lot of transpiration and eliminates toxins in the home.

The Yucca which is good for sunny windows, or hotter spots. This plant needs less water and is good for neglectful waterer.

Austin ferns are commonly used as a hanging plant and good for bathrooms for absorbing moisture.

Succulents like Cacti are another low maintenance plant that is also good for removing pollutants in the air.

A healthy rule of thumb is to have an indoor plant pla

ced in every one hundred square feet of living space to clean the majority of toxins in the home.

There are different places to order plants online whether for yourself or as a gift. If you want to live in a greener environment, then start growing indoor plants inside your home.

Gift Plants: True Satisfaction

People search for something that makes them happy without boundaries. They are looking for stable job for a living and find someone or something that makes them complete and share the happiness it bring.

Sometimes we make our happiness a hobby. Some go for sports and recreational things like cooking or knitting and some choose reading and collecting things. Some are enjoying internet browsing, social networking and playing games online. But there is one particular hobby that is self-rewarding, free and fun, and that is collecting and cultivating variety of gift plants.

What is in it for them why they choose this kind of recreational activity? There must be a reason. Some said that it gives them the feeling of joy and contentment. Some mentioned that there is a feeling of happiness when they see their plants grow and it is a reflection of the way they take care of the things they love. They make use of their free time catering and keeping their plants alive and beautiful. And they also love what they are doing and that makes it a perfect hobby.

Cultivating gift plants is easy but it needs patience and time to nurture and to make it beautiful. It may take a month or a year before you will see it grow into a good looking plant. They need to invest time, effort and even money to raise it. Knowing what is best for your gift plants is also important. Location, humidity, sunlight, air, soil and space are some of the vital things that they need to consider in cultivating live gift plants. If you are new to these things, love what you are doing and everything will just follow. If you put your passion on all of the things you do, it is easy to get what you want. Just enjoy what you are doing and it will give you the true satisfaction.

Next time, I will discuss how you can create your own garden and cultivate your own plants. You can also give suggestions and tips about live plants as plant gifts for any occasions. I love to give you more ideas about gardening and purchasing live plants online.

Dream Big

The wonder of life, living in a healthy environment is one of the things we want to have in life. To live in a country house with plenty of plants and trees is a dream of people who are close to nature. Some people usually do all their best to have that particular lifestyle. But because of some economic problems and unavailability of greater opportunities, we just tend to dream. We are hoping that one day; we could have that particular dream turns into a reality.

Because of this dream, interior decorators, architects, artists and people specializing in improving homes develop a new trend of bringing nature closer to our home. They make some great innovation on the design, by decorating and arranging our residence with plants that bring tranquility and contentment. Some of these interior decorators order plants online. They tend to buy plants online because they are easy to acquire and they also allow buyers to see different varieties of plants that they could choose from. They could select from simple to exquisite types and from common to rare types, all of these simply by buying plants online. And by the talents and creative thinking of people expert in decorating our home, they can make our dwellings exactly what we want it to be at a reasonable cost. We can dream big and do it that fits our budget.

Now, dreaming is a good thing but putting it into reality is even better. Thanks to creative people that takes the initiative to be a part of making our dreams a reality. With the help of ordering plants online, we can put our mind at ease. We can start buying flowering plants delivered through online transactions and pick the best plants for us. We could sit back and relax and feel the nature just around the corner of where else… but at home.

Bonsai: Bizarre, but Special!

"You have something in the mail."

I wondered with a grin on my face and checked what was inside the package. I was thinking it was something special for my birthday. I hurriedly opened the box and I was surprised with what I saw inside. It was a gift plant delivery from someone. I was amazed to see a Bonsai plant in a 8 inch clay earth pot that was complimented by Japanese Sueseki balance stones with a miniature fisherman. I looked to see where the package came from. It was a birthday gift from my mother with a note that said "take care of this plant like I took care of you…"

Nowadays, normal things or events do not ring a bell. Bizarre or rare things on the other hand, do. This is true for both people and gifts. On special occasions people are likely to receive multiple gifts from friends and family. You can spend hours searching for that perfect gift and you want that gift to be the best. You can buy items that are rare, unique and can be personalized. Choosing a gift for someone can be risky, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing that person happy because they love what they received.

To buy a gift for your loved ones, we should think quirky in a unique way. Make them feel that they are special by giving them personalized gifts that are worth keeping for. For instance, instead of the traditional cut flowers and chocolate, why not try a Bonsai and a box of chocolate. Why not get them to grow their own gift that is something wacky and fun? Thus, start with a plant gift that offers not just a smile but joy and happiness for someone special.

You can choose a variety of Bonsai Plants online and live plants are perfect gifts. Ordering plants online can be a lot easier and you can do multiple orders all at the same time.

Plant gifts Over Conflicts

Plant gifts speak louder than words. This is derived from a common proverb that says, action speaks louder than words. It may sound funny and absurd but that is a fact. In ancient times, hosts of wars give something to their opponent a peace offering to declare that the war will not happen again. It may be a form of expensive silk, gold, or an expensive plant to put everything to end. Nowadays, we give something to our loved ones a peace offering to end the fight. Sometimes the word sorry is not enough to compensate the injury and the misery that we experience. Even kids ensure that they are forgiven by giving candies to their playmates to stop the fight and continue playing the game.

We usually try to keep our emotions within ourselves to act professionally, and to avoid conflict. We do not realize that avoiding conflicts can be stressful. We try everything in our power to avoid it, but this only creates feelings of tension, resentment, and stresses within us, and once we finally do attempt to resolve it, it will often come in the form of us exploding or being overly aggressive. The best remedy is to face it and embrace it. Avoid arguing and remember that there’s no such thing as “winning the argument”. Sometimes words cannot express how much you really feel. We need to show them that we are sincere to our intention. We ask for their forgiveness and we might offer them something like a gift plant to end the conflict.

Sending plants as a symbol of peace offering may put everything to end. And if you know someone in mind whom you hurt along the way, apologize to them and end the conflict. So consider sending peace offering like gift plants to your enemies and friends and live a life with contentment.