Go green with House Plants

Air pollution is a worldwide environmental concern nowadays. Diseases are spreading, evolving and lurking all over the place as a result. We often think even in a very small ways how to do things that are healthier for ourselves and our living spaces.

Our home is a source of our energy. After the long and tiring day we go home and rejuvenate our spirit and strength. Sometimes we are unaware of just how many unhealthy toxins are in the air around us even when we feel the most relaxed. Keeping small plants living and thriving in the kitchen, dining room and entry areas can not only make us feel better about life but can help clean the air we breathe. Indoor container gardening is a great way to do this.

Indoor plants can look great all around our home. These plants can thrive in pots, planters and flower boxes. But are you aware what best plants to use for each room? Here are some suggestions:

The Eureka is a great plant placed nearly anywhere because of their bright colored leaves.

A Spathiphyllum is considered to be a big breather because of its wide leaves and performs a lot of transpiration and eliminates toxins in the home.

The Yucca which is good for sunny windows, or hotter spots. This plant needs less water and is good for neglectful waterer.

Austin ferns are commonly used as a hanging plant and good for bathrooms for absorbing moisture.

Succulents like Cacti are another low maintenance plant that is also good for removing pollutants in the air.

A healthy rule of thumb is to have an indoor plant pla

ced in every one hundred square feet of living space to clean the majority of toxins in the home.

There are different places to order plants online whether for yourself or as a gift. If you want to live in a greener environment, then start growing indoor plants inside your home.

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