Caveat Emptor

There are a lot of ways in how businessmen and advertisers convince there buyers or would-be customers into buying. More often than not, advertisers use the media such as the television networks, radio stations and newspapers. It is only logical and smart since the media has a huge coverage of potential customers or buyers. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and the likes are also used as a medium in advertising your products. You can advertise or promote your products and pay a small amount only through these social medias. This is less expensive compared to television networks, newspapers and radio stations who charge advertisers handsomely. Most businessmen I know promote their business online through the social media or social book marking. You can also see their ads anywhere on the page or site you are visiting because these sites only charge a smaller fee compared to television networks and radio stations. These are very effective marketing promotions these days especially if you are introducing your products for the first time. 

As a potential customer or buyer myself, I mentioned in my previous blog that these type of promotions do not normally work for me. What best works for me is the word of mouth. This also one of the reasons why some companies would gather a few ordinary looking people who will attempt to persuade the potential buyers by professing on how good and effective the product is. Most of them sound convincing and thus you end up buying the product. I also fell for this type of promotion or is it because I am not hard to convince? Perhaps salesmen are really good in picking the person who they can easily persuade to buy their products. 

I often say that you should only buy what you need and not your wants especially when your money is meant for something else. However, it is easier said than done. It really takes a herculean effort and discipline to walk away from these products which seems to be great deals especially when you are in the mall with all those fancy and witty banners on hanging sign brackets and the lovely clothes highlighted with commercial light reflectors. That is the reason why we were taught in school of the famous phrase "caveat emptor" which means let the buyer beware so we should be wise enough to choose which or whom to believe. Otherwise we will be buying even those what we don't need and end up in debt.

Ads That Leave An Impression

Advertising is an art. It requires a fountain of endless creative ideas. It should also be witty, attractive and should leave a lasting impression to the public. It should also be entertaining and brief if you want to keep the public's attention to your product or cause. You should also consider your audience. Surely, there are impressionable kids who will not stop asking questions to anything they see, feel and think. My young nephews and nieces does that all the time. We were kids once too and I am sure that our parents do not want to be within our perimeter when we start asking the what's and the why's which seems to last forever. 

avenue or boulevard banners and light pole or lamp post brackets

Advertising serves as the public's guide in buying their basic necessities. It is a very powerful tool in marketing which influences us to buy a certain product. For most of us, we normally buy the products which we often see on the television or on an avenue or boulevard banners and light pole or lamp post brackets which we always pass by on the street or those which are highly recommended by our friends. But most of the time we buy the things which are recommended by our friends because they are “tried and tested” without thinking that we have different likes,wants and needs. I always fall for the highly recommended products. I used to buy products which were suggested either by a family member, friends or relatives. There was a time when I bought a soap because according to my cousin it is effective in removing pimples. I have also seen the effects to her skin. Unfortunately, it multiplied the pimples on my skin instead of removing them. Lesson learned. What is effective to you may not be effective to everyone. 

There so many things a good advertiser should consider every time they promote a product. They should also follow the Advertising Standards Authority or ASA code of advertising standards. That will greatly help them create not only an artistic ad but also a 'legal, decent, honest and truthful' one too.

Word Of Mouth

Advertisements or commercials and other promotional offers are always done with a lot of research and brainstorming. It is only proper that marketing experts should give it a careful thought because whatever they will come up with or decided to used to promote the company and their products. It will serve as the business' identity too. 

Promotional banners, sidewalk signs, billboards, televisions, radios and social media are the famous tools in spreading your business' popularity all over town. But the most powerful tool of all is the word of mouth. All business owners and marketing staffs know that it will only take a single person to talk ill about your company or product and it will be the end of your company. It is why businessmen should always put into consideration a person's thoughts and feelings first before letting it out in the public. They should always aim for customer satisfaction because that will bring them to the top. Business owners should never agree to false advertisements. False advertisements may bring you to the top but for how long? Once they have tried and tested your product and realized that it is not what it says it is, then be ready for your death sentence. It will take a long time to pacify angry customers and for sure they will have second thoughts in buying your product. 

Wise businessmen should learn how to take care of their customers. They should get to know their customers and their needs because that will serve as the key in the success of their business. Moreover, if the customers feel that you are attentive to their needs then for sure, you will hear good words from them and eventually earn their loyalty.

How To Avoid Getting Lost

Getting lost in a strange place is understandable but getting lost in your own city or town sounds ridiculous but it happens to me all the time. Perhaps it is because I do not go out much often and when I do I only go to my favorite spots or places which I am familiar with. But I like the adventure. The experience is kind of of refreshing and distressing at the same time. Who wants to get lost in his or her own place anyway? It is alright if the place is passable by taxi cabs. You can always give the driver the name of the place or the address and for sure you will reach your destination. It would be great if there is someone who will not only drive you to where you want to go but will also be there to serve as your guide. But then again, having someone guide you around in your own town or city sounds even more ridiculous. 

A smart phone with a GPS or Global Positioning System can be helpful in case you are having problems finding your way around or too embarrassed to ask someone to help you find your way around. The problem is smart phone batteries drain easily or much faster especially when your mobile internet and GPS are turned on. It would be cool if your car is equipped with GPS. Unfortunately, such car is still beyond my budget. Police officers or traffic officers can help with directions too. However, they just can't leave their posts just to assist you if you need an escort. Other people needs their help too. It is a good thing though that there are architectural sign posts and signs or directional posters which will give you the correct directions. You can also ask directions from other people. But, more often than not, they will confuse you more. It is also wise to have someone fetch you which I do whenever its possible. 

There is one thing that I learned every time I am having problems finding my way. That is always make sure that you check the map beforehand. Check the Google map if you have access to it if possible. Make sure that you ask the right people for directions otherwise you will end up even more lost than you already are. Otherwise you will be among the hundred victims of criminals or opportunist.