How To Avoid Getting Lost

Getting lost in a strange place is understandable but getting lost in your own city or town sounds ridiculous but it happens to me all the time. Perhaps it is because I do not go out much often and when I do I only go to my favorite spots or places which I am familiar with. But I like the adventure. The experience is kind of of refreshing and distressing at the same time. Who wants to get lost in his or her own place anyway? It is alright if the place is passable by taxi cabs. You can always give the driver the name of the place or the address and for sure you will reach your destination. It would be great if there is someone who will not only drive you to where you want to go but will also be there to serve as your guide. But then again, having someone guide you around in your own town or city sounds even more ridiculous. 

A smart phone with a GPS or Global Positioning System can be helpful in case you are having problems finding your way around or too embarrassed to ask someone to help you find your way around. The problem is smart phone batteries drain easily or much faster especially when your mobile internet and GPS are turned on. It would be cool if your car is equipped with GPS. Unfortunately, such car is still beyond my budget. Police officers or traffic officers can help with directions too. However, they just can't leave their posts just to assist you if you need an escort. Other people needs their help too. It is a good thing though that there are architectural sign posts and signs or directional posters which will give you the correct directions. You can also ask directions from other people. But, more often than not, they will confuse you more. It is also wise to have someone fetch you which I do whenever its possible. 

There is one thing that I learned every time I am having problems finding my way. That is always make sure that you check the map beforehand. Check the Google map if you have access to it if possible. Make sure that you ask the right people for directions otherwise you will end up even more lost than you already are. Otherwise you will be among the hundred victims of criminals or opportunist.

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