The Truth About Advertising

Advertising is a great way in coaxing people to buy your products. Big companies often spends thousands of dollars or even millions to promote the products they sell and those products which they are about to introduce to the public. It seems like they are hypnotizing us to buy their products and more often than not we let ourselves be hypnotized.

gooseneck lights

Since time I can remember, television ads never fail to entertain me. Some of the ads are educational. Some are funny, environmental and some are too wonderful that it will move you to tears. However , there are also ads which irritates you to and deceives you. Moreover, there are advertisements which are meant to raise our social awareness and teaches us values. These simply shows how these advertisements affect our moods and judgment. It is not only the television that does these things to us. The huge billboards illuminated by gooseneck lights we see on the streets, the glossy flyers, newspaper ads, and the computer ads also affect us.

My mom often tells us that advertisements can be deceptive. She does this every time we ask her to buy a product, food or anything which is advertised on television. They will let you believe in something which is far from the truth or half truths. Of course, I did not believe my mother's explanation why she will not buy the food or product which we ask her to buy. She used to tell us that we do not just buy everything we see on the television regardless if they are good. We only need to buy the things we need. However, as I grew older, I realize that everything she says are true. Advertisers will do anything to ensure that they meet their target. It does not matter if they are lying to the public or not. However, we do not know this unless we try the product.

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