Effective Use of Signage Can Increase Revenue

"It almost doesn't seem to matter what your business is. There are foundational pieces of being an entrepreneur that make you successful or not," says Doug Fleener, a former Bose Corp. executive who is now president and managing partner of Lexington, Mass.-based retail-consulting firm Dynamic Experiences Group LLC. One of the biggest issues that we can see on small business entrepreneurs is they become so busy running their stores that they do not take the time to run their business. They get so caught up in day-to-day details that there is really no strategy for mapping out the future. Tasks are overruling their schedules and sometimes they cannot spend enough time to market their business. As a result they rely on advertising ads to market their businesses. They spend more money and worst of all they spend thousands of dollars just to advertise their product and stores on TV and over the radio. Unfortunately, advertising is just one piece of marketing.

Retails nowadays are sprouting like mushrooms and in order to stand out from the rest you need to make a difference. Many believe that improving the aesthetic design of the premise inside and out will make a big difference. That is true. It provides an inviting ambiance for customers to go inside your store and buy your products. Effective use of signage such as sign brackets and sign stands can market you business and can boost your sales even more. Furthermore, adding Barn lights as sign lighting can make a dramatic impact in the front of the store especially at night. It provides security to all of your customers. Once sign lighting is installed properly to the signage, this will advertise your store 24 hours a day. Your potential customers are always passing by your store day and night, adding a device that continues to advertise your service and/or products regardless of time is a great strategy to get ahead of your competitors.

Gooseneck light and RLM lights are also effective to use as sign lighting. Consider using low voltage lighting bulb like halogen bulb to create a soft and inviting feel outside your store. Using these fixtures can make your marketing style easy and affordable within budget. On premise signage can really market your business to its maximum level.

Common Mistakes in Choosing Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

One of the common mistakes when putting up a business is the lack of landscape lighting. Why spend thousands of dollars for beautiful landscaping to only enjoy it during daytime when the most dramatic time to see your landscaping is at night? Proper landscaping is exceptionally important to showcase your store at its greatest potential. Like they say you never get a second chance to make the first impression. If you will be entertaining guests in your restaurant or store at night and your store do not have enough lighting, you are bound to lose a great opportunity to showcase the value of your service. However, if it is properly lit, it can provide a warmer and more inviting feeling and that would be a much better first impression.

Looking the right gooseneck lighting outdoor fixture can also become a mistake when people choose every small fixtures. Though gooseneck light fixture looks a lot larger in the showroom it is actually smaller when installed outside your store. Remember, a fixture looks about half as big as it does thirty feet away on the street, than it does when you are right next to it.

Do not over lamp your fixtures. This means that do not put in the bulb just because you can. Many of the fixtures are rated for 60 watts bulbs, but 180 watts bulb is much too bright for an outdoor light fixture in general usage. Putting gooseneck light rated for 25 watts or 40 watts maximum is advisable. You can step down to 15 watts because the idea of putting an outdoor fixture is to give warm, soft glow to the front of your building and of course provide security if you have steps. You do not want to blind your customer and you do not want to make it glary. You just want to make your store more inviting as possible.

Monument Signs: An Effective Way to Create Branding

How many times did you experience wandering in searching for the right place to go? Do you feel frustrated if you get lost and being late on your appointment? How would you feel if you are hosting the venue and your customer cannot locate your restaurant or your store? I know it is not pretty cool especially that both of you and your customer are making business together. Let me tell you how you will be able to make your store or restaurant appealing to your customer and best of all, easy to find.

People unconsciously find their destination through landmarks and signs, sometimes they are not relying to street names and numbers which is very surprising. Even if you are giving directions you are referring to landmarks and signs not street names. Businesses sometimes fail because they neglect to consider this humanly behavior. However, installing monument signs and sign stands can make your business visible and easy to find. The main purpose of the monument signs are not only to make your business easy to locate, but also to leave a memorable impression on all who see it. This dramatically increase your business's exposure and strengthen your corporate identity.

If you noticed, every item corresponds to a unique brand name. For instance, if we are talking about coffee you might be thinking about Starbucks. How about hamburger, I guess you will be thinking of Mc Donald's right away. This is a result of building a word class branding for your business. You know for the fact that you already offer the finest service in your line of business. The only thing that you need is to advertise your product in a more economical and effective way through signage. You would also put a distinct logo on your sign frames and monument signs because people are more receptive to images than a group of letters and words.

To create a distinctive name is an effective way of promoting your business. Signage is the answer. So start today and get your business the required traffic you need with innovative business monument signs and sidewalk signs.

Sign Brackets and Frames That Works For Your Business

If I could increase your sale by three percent, would you hire me? What if I offered proof like I will improve your sales for about sixteen percent, would you give me a job? How about a research showing that my work for you will lead to an increase in sales of thirty four percent and some cases over a hundred percent, would you hire me then? Let me make the offer a little more attractive. I will work for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. I never call on sick and I won't steal from you. I'm never late from work. While you are home enjoying your family, I will be out in front of your business communicating with the public attracting eighty percent of the passing mobile market, spending a moment with each potential customer telling him or her who you are and what products and services you offer. I will effectively increase your sales and profits from three percent to over 100 percent in some cases and I will do it all for less that twenty dollars a day. Now, will you hire me? I forgot to tell you, I am a sign.

That's right, a sign and those figures above are real. The University of San Diego conducted a two year study of 187 businesses and their signage. They concluded that adding sign frames and sidewalk signs to your business will increase gross sale by three percent. Now three percent may not sound like much but it could be the difference between the business that is profitable and one that isn't. The right use of signage can increase sales in excess of thirty percent and some areas over 100%. In fact, thirty years of research that in order to grow a successful business you must have an effective signage.

Most people do not value the power of signage. Signs are so common that people take them for granted. In fact the research tells us that if you are like small business owners you are probably thinking of one of these three things.

"My Customers already know where I am."

Research indicates that eighty five percent of your customers live or work within 5 mile radius of your business. But according to the US business bureau, 18.6% of the population relocates every year which means some of the customers do already know where you are, are moving out. Every year you are losing customers and you must replace them with new customers moving in just to break even. If you only want to sustain your business you just maintain your customer base. But if you wanna grow your business, you must increase your customer base. The quickest, easiest and most economical way to track new customer is with signage.

"I already have a sign."

When you already have a sign then you should be ahead of the game. But is it the right kind of sign? Is it visible, conspicuous? More importantly is it effective? Is it working as hard for you as it can? You must answer these questions for you to know how your sign brackets and sign frames promotes your business.

"Can a sign really make a difference?"

Yes, signage is not sexy, not glamorous, it just works! The value of your business is not determined by its location but by the number of people that stop, come inside and do business with you at that location and the main reason they do that is because of your effective signage.

As a suggestion to boost sales 24 hours a day you must make sure that your signage is highlighted everyday, every night. Adding gooseneck light fixture to your signage can create a great impact to showcase your store to your potential customers. This is a great advertising campaign of promoting your business by spending a little amount of money but giving a vast exposure of your business.

Sign Frames and Sign Brackets: Best Advertising Technique For Small Business

Most people do not think of a sign more than a painted board marking a business location. In ninety percent of all United States retailing, the business sign is the basic link to the public, attracting new customers, branding the business, creating impulse sales. By example one of the most famous food chain in the country has 26 thousands locations spend forty thousand dollars on signage per store, that is one billion forty million dollars worth of signs. Why would fast food restaurant spend so much on signage? Because a one year survey revealed that that forty thousand dollars on signage was responsible for over six hundred thousand dollars in sales. This simply explains that there is an incredible value in signage especially when it is viewed to market a business. When used to over all strategy its full potential can be realized, increasing sales, cutting cost, helping businesses grow. This in turn increase jobs, improve communities, and promote tax revenue for cities.

For almost all businesses the most efficient form of advertising is the on premise sign stands and sidewalk signs. To confirm this, one only has look to the results of what is to our knowledge the largest most extensive and on going survey conducted in sign industry. Over ten years, nearly eight hundred businesses and some twelve thousand customers have been surveyed. These businesses have just installed the new sign and the customer surveyed with them for the first time.

These first time customers were asked, "How did you learn about us?" Almost half, forty five percent said the reason they came to know the business was because of the sign, not newspaper, not radio, not TV but the sign. The significance of this cannot go unnoticed. This is why signage is so important to a retailer. Businesses stand a much greater chance of thriving in a competitive market if they can increase customer based while cutting cost. This is only achieved by adding signage like sign stands and sign frames in the store.

On premise signage is both effective and economical. It is a powerful marketing tool for making the most advertising dollar to reach potential customers.

Beauty That Only Gooseneck Lights Can Give Your Home and Business

Through time, gooseneck lighting is used to provide illumination in warehouses and barns. This unique idea is very flexible in nature for the fact that you can use it to make a style statement in your own garden or yard area today. You will notice that these fixtures are being used to illuminate a place of business during at night. If you search gooseneck outdoor lighting online, you will notice how stores and retailers remodel and develop different styles of modern fixtures. However, the vintage styled look is still vivid on every design which is essential for landscaping.

Usually gooseneck lights are available in black, shiny, and metallic styles and the lights projects to have a futuristic or fancy shape that are appealing to the eye. The shape, color and style of this unique light creates an accent that add beauty to your store. Some people may refer this type of lighting as barn or sign lighting because these lights are usually installed near the sign frames and sign stands of the store. A storefront, the face of the restaurant, bar, or business sign are always supported by these fixtures.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are many fixtures that you can choose from. One of the most popular is the gooseneck outdoor lighting fixtures which are very effective than any other lights available in the market. This is used to highlight unique design of your home, garden or professional building. The night time brings a sense of uneasiness when the area is not well lit. With proper placement of these fixtures you can achieve an atmosphere where you can enjoy your outdoor experience with your friends and loved ones more than ever before.

Bear in mind that there are wide variety of lights that you can use for your house and your business. Always choose gooseneck light for the fact that this fixture has swivel shades that will allow light to be adjusted according to the amount needed in a specific area. This can dramatically add an accent to your landscape which can attract people to come by and enjoy the lights you provide in front of your store and your home.

Monument signs For Businesses, Give A Long Lasting Impression

Are you building up the name of your business? Or you just want to spruce up the outdoor space of your store? Whether you are starting out a new business or you need a whole new look of your store, proper branding is the game you need to play on. This create a spectacular view on the front of your store which make your business visible by night and day.

Using architectural monument signs is an effective way to build rapport to your customers. These lighting options increase the exposure of your company to the public. It allows you to advertise your store outside, imprinting a good statement of your business. At night, it is advisable to use gooseneck lights or any gooseneck outdoor lighting that are needed to light up your monument signs. It will not only provide information to your customer about your business but will also create a beautiful landscape at night that adds beauty to your store.

Architectural monument signs are available in any shape, size, material and design. But before choosing the right monument sign for your business, check your local regulatory restrictions in your area. Most regulations relate to size, foundation and materials to be used.

A well- designed and prominent sign can attract customer's attention. It is advisable to put your company logo on the stone monument sign because people tend to remember an image better than a line of lettering. Make sure that the size of the lettering is readable from the street, at traveling speed and from a lengthy distance.

This advertising method is very effective if you compare it to billboard and other advertising campaign. It allows you to display your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and only requires one time installation and once a year maintenance.

If you want a professional look and a good way to advertise your business, consider installing monument sign in the front of your store. This may require a one time installation but long lasting impression from your customers and passers by. This is an effective way to get noticed by everyone and create a long lasting impression.

Gooseneck Lighting Fixture for Business that Grows

It is probably true to say that most factory workers are called upon to perform more demanding physical tasks than any group of workers. Without adequate lighting, people cannot work to their full potential. The lack of efficient lighting is uncomfortable and often dangerous.

Industrial lighting has three objectives, to enable quick and accurate work, to contribute to the safety of those doing the work, and to create a good visual environment. Since the task are incredibly diverse, the lighting solution extremely varies. For instance, the task may not be on the horizontal, equipment can cause obstructions and creates shadows on task and some areas requires 20 meter plus mounting heights.

Most establishment use different types of lighting fixtures that can help them save money and produce efficiency and productivity in all aspects. Barn lights are used to provide adequate lighting in most warehouses and areas that need task lighting. Workers need to have a good eyesight to make their task lighter and easier. However, too much light can cause glare which is inadequate and sometime leads to serious accidents. We can use gooseneck light to create spot lights to the area where light is needed for the production.

It is observed that the large energy consumption can be found at the production area than any part of the business. Choosing the right gooseneck lights as fixtures is very important. Halogen bulbs is very effective use to when you consider cost and efficiency. It provides the light you need for your workers and the same time giving you a great saving in terms of energy consumption.

Industrial lighting differs from standard residential or commercial lighting for a number of reasons. For instance, commercial and residential lighting focused on aesthetics and landscaping, while industrial lighting main concern is coverage and cost. Always take time to create good scheme and put a lot of thought on you lighting fixtures. Your lighting scheme make your business grows in the fist place.

Gooseneck Lights Give What Retail Needs

"Simplicity is a lamp that makes your store irresistible- and keeps it that way."

Most of us visit supermarkets and stores in weekly basis and regard the retail lighting as equally important as any other. Given that we do spend so much time in local stores, it is surprising how little attention is often given to the lights. Although most supermarkets and fashion boutiques are brightly lit, the majority fail to use the language of retail lighting. The key to successful lighting from merchandising is not knowing how to undertake display lighting but understanding human physiology and psychology. Just as a verbal language is use to build sentences and paragraphs, we perceive a well lit environment as a sequence of visual impressions. People exhibit certain behavior patterns when moving around the shop but the result that some areas become dead. Light and shade attraction and repulsion can be use subconsciously to alter that pattern of movement.

Shoppers are equally sensitive to other transitions. For instance from a warm to cool place, from up lighting to down lighting and so on. A good designer visualizes in three dimensions and orchestrates lighting compositions in plan sequence.

From outside of the store, gooseneck outdoor lighting is used to highlight important figures outside such as your store's facade, logo, sign frames and sidewalk signs. This is to make your store visible at night and attract customers to go inside your retail store. Mostly, gooseneck lighting is used to create an appealing accent of your store inside and out.

Gooseneck lights is an outstanding lighting fixture bringing up the best in showcasing a merchandise. It creates an appealing ambiance inside the store and producing sales. Moreover it produces a distinctive crisp white sparkling light ideal for the retail world. In fact it offers a unique unbeatable light quality.

Linear fluorescent and down lighting is sometimes use inside the supermarket to back up the customer to walk deeper inside the store.

People are drawn to shops with an attractive and inviting ambiance, and want to trust the colors they see inside. For shop owners, lighting should have great 'stopping power', really enhance merchandising, and maintain its quality for as long as possible.

Gooseneck lighting fixture: The Legacy it Brings

The retail industry has change its form dramatically in the past 20 years. Since 90% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale, many retail establishments have started showcasing themed environments and best shopping experience to excite customers and provoke them to purchase their goods. With regard to lighting, many changes occur as well. Day lighting has been known to provide a highly satisfying visual environment that can help retails in marketing.

Lighting should be considered a marketing tool in retail environments. It makes customers stay longer in the store and lead them to the merchandise area, call attention and draw customers through the transaction process. Effective use of lights can dramatically enhance the performance of most retail stores.

One of the most important factors to consider is the psychological impact of various light sources. Warm light sources are generally preferred for the home, restaurants, hospitals and high-end retail applications to create a sense of warmth and comfort, while neutral and cool light sources are generally preferred for high-activity areas such as offices, schools, supermarkets and similar applications to create a sense of alertness.

Sign lighting and exterior gooseneck sign lights are one of the more overlooked sign considerations for many companies. When businesses first open they often mistakenly believe fluorescent outdoor sign lighting is not important because the store is not open at night. Though, many potential customers still walk by your store at night. Gooseneck outdoor lighting will improve the chances of a business to be noticed at any time of the day. A well lit sign frames and brackets will welcome customers to the business 24 hours a day whether it is open or not.

Goosenecks come in many sizes, length and shade reflector shapes. These sign for lights can be placed in a number of key locations both inside and outside the store. Most of the outdoor sign lighting is made of corrosive resistant aluminum that is powder coated for extra protection.

In all cases, the lighting should help communicate the merchandising strategy. From the outside and inside, customers perceive the merchandise and say, "This store is for me." Lighting can help communicate the type of customers targeted by the store, the quality of the products inside, the price point and the type of service they can expect.

Meeting Customer Requirements

How do you light a retail? How do you light a beauty parlor? How does lighting affect our impression of the space? What makes it enjoyable and comfortable? Best answers to these questions are what make it an exciting subject. Mostly, some of it is common sense but it takes research and experience to provide the justification.

To implement a successful lighting solution, we must fully understand its nature. Often times, it takes a lighting designer to make the vision of excellence a reality. This is considered as an art and a science. This is a fact for many components of our built environments. Designers are concerned about the aesthetics - the art of lighting. Moreover, it also means utilizing a big part of technical knowledge, and updating due to new technology - the science of lighting. But bear in mind that lighting is for people, so understanding the need for health, safety, and enjoyment should also be considered.

Here are few examples of issues that must be addressed when lighting a store.

1. Lighting where vertical meets horizontal is important in terms of safe navigation through a space. That is why most warehouses and barns use barn lights to make work faster and efficient. Specular or reflective surfaces cause visual problem and should not be considered on areas where most of the activities of your store are present.

2. People follow the brightest path. Down lights like rlm lighting is commonly used to attain the a higher level of illumination with a uniform distribution of light. The Studies found out that people are like moths which are easily attracted to brightness.

3. Brightness can focus attention. When creating an accent point, increasing brightness contrast between the object and the surrounding increases the impact. This is mostly use to highlight important architectural accent of the building, sign frames and logos of your store. This is very effective in promoting featured products of your store.

Thinking about the layers of light and how light affects your customer on both psychological and behavioral level will present you a mental design concept when someone mention- how do you light a retail? a beauty parlor? Lighting is a key factor in helping the space meets your customer's requirements.

Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience in Retail

Your first real point of contact with the customer like the sales person who says "hello" is your retail space. The look and feel of your store and sign frames send out signals before the customer even reaches your doorstep. So what signals are your customer receiving and what steps can you take to transform their shopping experience?


This is used in kicking off a project. It is a process of gaining a foundation and all the background information to start the design process. Even small to medium sized retails that can not afford to pay someone to help them through this process will be able to do a lot of this themselves. It is really a matter of sitting down and asking yourself a specific questions and developing a vision for your store.

Keep it Fresh

Retail in many ways is about the latest thing, new ideas. To the extend, you can create that new idea in the store. You can do it by changing themes and color of your store, adding gooseneck light fixture, moving your products around for easy shopping experience. Giving your store a fresh look is very important.

Creating Emotional Connection Between Store and Consumer

This is about creating a memorable experience for a customer. Often times, incorporating the five senses are very effective. Try to connect as many senses as possible. Certainly, site is important, texture for touch, interacting with the products, what's the music, what is the lighting like and how does it feel.

Product and Customer Interaction

Anytime you can get a customer to interact with the product, the store experience is much better and much more likely to buy the product.

Create a prototype

Before your really get started with a big lay out, make sure you tested it first. There are several ways how to build a prototype. You can build a small scale model, so you can see what the environment looks like or you can made a full scale model. You can also prototype pieces of the store, like exterior and interior designs, proper location of sign stands and sign brackets, all within eye of mimicking the customer experience before hand.

Being the Customer

You find it really critical and difficult to understand the
store so it is really important to get your employees perspective and it is important to shop on your own store to understand customer perspective and anticipate what's working well in the store and then you can identify what are the opportunities are as well.

Exceeding a customers expectations whether it is terms of value or store experience is extremely important. Everybody likes to be surprised at the idea of getting more than they expect.

Lighting Ideas: New Business Basics

Your store needs something that most owners are wishing for, more customers and more sales. You know for the fact that your store provides quality products and goods and you are good at it. The problem is some of the owner never even think about adding few things that can provide store branding and revenue.

Store presentation provides a significant value to store branding. By the time customer walks into your store, he has received several impressions about you, from your advertising, word of mouth, your store front and your product display. This is the perfect time to make a good impression. You can create an effective product display after determining what type of image you want your store to project to your community and your customers.

Product Displays that Work

Product displays should be easy to locate. Use sign frames and sign brackets that can help guide customers and make it easier and more pleasant for them to find the products and services they need. Adding artistic goosenecks and barn lights to spot your products and signage are very effective to increase sales in certain products. Showcase products in high traffic areas. Your strategic placement of your sign frames and displays clearly states to your customer how you plan to conduct business and how you plan to respond to your customer's unique needs. It also makes it easier for the sales staff to close a sale and to give easy directions to your customer.

Evaluate you Retail Space

First, location should be easy to reach in a very short period of time. Many people do their shopping on the way to and from work. This eventually make profit in a short period of time. In addition to being easy to find, there is the need to consider such factors as the safety of the community. The surrounding area should be secured and comfortable during store hours especially at night. The street should be well lit and the sidewalks adequately wide to allow for foot traffic. For ambient lighting use gooseneck lights to highlight your store logo and sign frames and the area where light is needed the most.

How does your store measure up? You should know by now. Make some small changes that can make a huge difference

Barn Lights In Focus

Barn Lights play an important role in providing light for warehouses and barns. Nowadays, this kind of lighting technique is used mostly in business establishments and stores. It can be placed in any outdoor space like drive ways and alley ways. It can also be placed near door entrances or in places where lights are needed the most at night. Some people have also used it as spot light to focus on certain plants, trees, shrubs and sign frames.

Surprisingly, the concept of barn lights are widely used in stores. Different artistic designs have been used and some have maintained the vintage look. You can choose from a wide range of shape, color sizes that will go well with the theme of your store. In fact, barn lights can blend well with any theme that you might have in mind. You will surely find a design that will fit in your particular store design by doing a research on the internet on what lights that suit you.

Barn lights are also needed for security, safety and convenience. Homeowners use this fixture to make a hassle free cooking experience. These fixture can be use in living room and other part of the house that needs task lighting. Stores use barn lights to highlight products, sign brackets and sign stands. Customer needs adequate light to choose the product they need. In fact, sign lighting is not considered by most companies. Some believe that it is not necessary because the business is not open in the evening. However, potential customers are passing by your store everyday, every night. Using barn lights for spot lighting to highlight your store's logo and signage is the best way to advertise your store by night. Sign lighting will improve your chance of being noticed to your customer.

Using barn lights will not only make your store noticeable to your customer but it creates a distinguished look for your business that will differentiate it from the competition. Start making business that provides finest and exceptional service to your customer. Now is the time to make it happen! Stand out and make a difference!

Store Lighting Yields More Revenue

"The trend to set the “shopping mood” with dim or low light is evident in many types of retail venues today including specialty retailers (Boutiques / mall stores) as well as large chain grocers. I personally love a dimly lit store as I find it relaxing. The more relaxed I feel the greater chance I, and your customers, will linger spending more at the register.

Bright lights and bold colors tend to give a feeling of being rushed. Take a look at the fast food industry where proprietors want you in and out quickly. All fast food chains are bright, colorful and uncomfortable." - Unknown Critic

Lighting plays a very important role in showcasing your store merchandise. It helps defining overall store image, highlighting products for visibility, encouraging purchases by visual enhancement, helping lead customers into store and allowing for more enjoyable shopping experiences.

Gooseneck lights and barn lights are very common and very unique to use for outdoor lighting solution. The purpose of these fixtures is to add exterior accent and highlight your sign frames and sidewalk signs. This also provides security and visibility to everyone who visits your store.

But what happens once the customer get inside your store? You may not see them but they are busy making adjustments- simultaneously they are slowing down their pace, adjusting their eyes to the change in light and scale, and craning their necks to begin taking in all there is to see. There are many things happening inside, in other words, these people are not yet your potential customers. If you watch long enough and observe them, you will be able to predict exactly where most shoppers slow down and make the transition form being outside to being inside. This depends on the lighting layout you have in your store.

Very often, signs in retail stores contain too many words to be scanned quickly, and are placed where they will never be noticed. Putting sign frames that requires 12 seconds to read and add an artistic rlm lighting fixtures to highlight the sign where customer spend few seconds to read is more effective than putting it elsewhere.

Always remember that the amount of money spent by the customer is positively correlated with the amount of time spent. Observe where your customer usually stay and focus your lighting solutions on those locations.

Gooseneck Lighting Fixtures: A Perfect Way To Create Store Branding

Imagine your beautiful store breathtakingly transformed by gooseneck outdoor lighting fixtures... Outdoor lighting will help you direct your dreams outside. You can create an extraordinary view around your store and back it up with the finest service that you provide to your customers. It is our pride to have our store visible to everyone. Using the perfect lighting solutions will showcase your store's most attractive features which is your products and signage while opening your outdoor and indoor spaces for everyone bringing smile and enjoyment. Your warm lights will embrace your customer every evening and illuminate your products to provide a hassle free shopping experience. Let your customer be inspired, be delighted while enjoying inside your store.

Generally speaking, there are four main types of lighting application outside your store. Feature lighting, ambient lighting, safety and walkway lighting

Feature lighting

Use to create interest and highlight key features outside your store such as sidewalk signs, sign brackets, trees, statues and structures and other features of your store that are very important to hightlight at night. You can use the spot lighting technique to create an accent to all highlighted items outside your store. Illuminance and contrast are the two important factors to consider to create perfect spot lights. This technique is very compelling which should be used sparingly. Cross lighting is another technique by positioning two spot lights on each side of a certain object you wish to illuminate. Multiple beams of lights produce soft shadows and reveal more detail.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting will extend customer's hours of pleasure to stay. These technique uses lights from all directions. Gooseneck lights should be focused on to a space where most of your customers be sitting. The light source should be positioned so people will not look directly to the light so as to avoid glare. Additionally, you might wish to consider heat lamps to create warm ambiance to your customers without heating the surrounding atmosphere. This can be applied at the center of entertainment area and gazebos.

Safety and Walkway Lighting

Typically, this is used to illuminate parking areas, pathways and driveways to maintain safety for you and your customers. Down lighting is recommended as an effective and affordable method of providing lights to your walk ways. You can also install small luminaries on your pathways. Security and flood lights are also valuable to add security to your store. To illuminate large areas, position bright spot lights near the roof of your store and focus the light to the are you wish to be spotted.

Combining these lighting techniques will add a spectacular view to your store.

Perfect Lighting Solutions Provide Maximum Profit for Your Store

Successful stores are able to achieve maximum customer attention by providing professional presentation and lighting on revenue yielding products. This simply shows that the right application of lighting, the appearance of the store and arrangement effects can help customer find the products they need. Moreover, this can help guide the customer to look at highlighted products through the combination of artistic gooseneck lights, and other lighting ideas that enhance the visibility of goods and services. Store lighting is also the most ideal way of creating the mood of the store, maintaining security and this can also draw customer's attention to the store's sign frames and sidewalk signs.


Place spotlights over product displays at the ends of aisle, on wall signage, near your counter and at the front of your store. Customer can naturally look at the products that are highlighted by spotlights. To maximize the financial value of spotlights, display all highest profit margin products to where more lights are focused.


Stores will be able to keep customers from coming by. When a customer finds an extraordinary experience with a store, they will more likely spend more time in the store and eventually buy more products from your store. Build the store with distinction that creates branding, from customer service, quality and fresh products, store themes, lighting effects to outdoor landscaping.

Ecological Focus

The type of lighting you choose can help enhance your store's "green" image. Use lights that has energy star icon on it. Using these products can lower your carbon footprint and generate company savings by using low voltage bulbs and lights.


Your bracket signs and sidewalk signs are very important. It brings your message closer to your potential customers. Adding barn lights or gooseneck lights on it can make your signs stand out by night and day. It is advisable to put your new and featured products on your side walk signs to increase popularity. Remember that this can draw a large percentage of sales and revenue to each store.