Common Mistakes in Choosing Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

One of the common mistakes when putting up a business is the lack of landscape lighting. Why spend thousands of dollars for beautiful landscaping to only enjoy it during daytime when the most dramatic time to see your landscaping is at night? Proper landscaping is exceptionally important to showcase your store at its greatest potential. Like they say you never get a second chance to make the first impression. If you will be entertaining guests in your restaurant or store at night and your store do not have enough lighting, you are bound to lose a great opportunity to showcase the value of your service. However, if it is properly lit, it can provide a warmer and more inviting feeling and that would be a much better first impression.

Looking the right gooseneck lighting outdoor fixture can also become a mistake when people choose every small fixtures. Though gooseneck light fixture looks a lot larger in the showroom it is actually smaller when installed outside your store. Remember, a fixture looks about half as big as it does thirty feet away on the street, than it does when you are right next to it.

Do not over lamp your fixtures. This means that do not put in the bulb just because you can. Many of the fixtures are rated for 60 watts bulbs, but 180 watts bulb is much too bright for an outdoor light fixture in general usage. Putting gooseneck light rated for 25 watts or 40 watts maximum is advisable. You can step down to 15 watts because the idea of putting an outdoor fixture is to give warm, soft glow to the front of your building and of course provide security if you have steps. You do not want to blind your customer and you do not want to make it glary. You just want to make your store more inviting as possible.

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