Store Lighting Yields More Revenue

"The trend to set the “shopping mood” with dim or low light is evident in many types of retail venues today including specialty retailers (Boutiques / mall stores) as well as large chain grocers. I personally love a dimly lit store as I find it relaxing. The more relaxed I feel the greater chance I, and your customers, will linger spending more at the register.

Bright lights and bold colors tend to give a feeling of being rushed. Take a look at the fast food industry where proprietors want you in and out quickly. All fast food chains are bright, colorful and uncomfortable." - Unknown Critic

Lighting plays a very important role in showcasing your store merchandise. It helps defining overall store image, highlighting products for visibility, encouraging purchases by visual enhancement, helping lead customers into store and allowing for more enjoyable shopping experiences.

Gooseneck lights and barn lights are very common and very unique to use for outdoor lighting solution. The purpose of these fixtures is to add exterior accent and highlight your sign frames and sidewalk signs. This also provides security and visibility to everyone who visits your store.

But what happens once the customer get inside your store? You may not see them but they are busy making adjustments- simultaneously they are slowing down their pace, adjusting their eyes to the change in light and scale, and craning their necks to begin taking in all there is to see. There are many things happening inside, in other words, these people are not yet your potential customers. If you watch long enough and observe them, you will be able to predict exactly where most shoppers slow down and make the transition form being outside to being inside. This depends on the lighting layout you have in your store.

Very often, signs in retail stores contain too many words to be scanned quickly, and are placed where they will never be noticed. Putting sign frames that requires 12 seconds to read and add an artistic rlm lighting fixtures to highlight the sign where customer spend few seconds to read is more effective than putting it elsewhere.

Always remember that the amount of money spent by the customer is positively correlated with the amount of time spent. Observe where your customer usually stay and focus your lighting solutions on those locations.

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