Effective Use of Signage Can Increase Revenue

"It almost doesn't seem to matter what your business is. There are foundational pieces of being an entrepreneur that make you successful or not," says Doug Fleener, a former Bose Corp. executive who is now president and managing partner of Lexington, Mass.-based retail-consulting firm Dynamic Experiences Group LLC. One of the biggest issues that we can see on small business entrepreneurs is they become so busy running their stores that they do not take the time to run their business. They get so caught up in day-to-day details that there is really no strategy for mapping out the future. Tasks are overruling their schedules and sometimes they cannot spend enough time to market their business. As a result they rely on advertising ads to market their businesses. They spend more money and worst of all they spend thousands of dollars just to advertise their product and stores on TV and over the radio. Unfortunately, advertising is just one piece of marketing.

Retails nowadays are sprouting like mushrooms and in order to stand out from the rest you need to make a difference. Many believe that improving the aesthetic design of the premise inside and out will make a big difference. That is true. It provides an inviting ambiance for customers to go inside your store and buy your products. Effective use of signage such as sign brackets and sign stands can market you business and can boost your sales even more. Furthermore, adding Barn lights as sign lighting can make a dramatic impact in the front of the store especially at night. It provides security to all of your customers. Once sign lighting is installed properly to the signage, this will advertise your store 24 hours a day. Your potential customers are always passing by your store day and night, adding a device that continues to advertise your service and/or products regardless of time is a great strategy to get ahead of your competitors.

Gooseneck light and RLM lights are also effective to use as sign lighting. Consider using low voltage lighting bulb like halogen bulb to create a soft and inviting feel outside your store. Using these fixtures can make your marketing style easy and affordable within budget. On premise signage can really market your business to its maximum level.

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