The Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City, Philippines

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The river esplanade near our neighborhood which opened two years ago has been receiving a lot of good feedback. It has been one of the tourist attractions in town because of its clean surrounding and beautiful scenery. The river esplanade is not only clean and beautiful but it is child friendly as well. It is frequently visited by families and couples who just want to enjoy a good stroll or people who want to lose some extra weight. Smoking is definitely not allowed which pleases the non-smokers especially those who have allergic rhinitis and asthma.  Moreover, fun runs or run for a cause are conducted in the park. The first time it was opened to the public fun runs are organized almost every week.

Photo Credit Goes To Owner
But it was only earlier this evening that I was able to finally set foot in the new tourist attraction in my neighborhood and I almost kissed the ground. The place is a paradise. Everything looks lovely. It is beautiful in the morning but it is even more beautiful at night.  Even the monument sign which is illuminated by Fluorescent outdoor flood lights is great. At lot of people are taking pictures of the river esplanade sign. The flood lights, street lamps, and the other street lighting fixtures keep the whole place alive and beautiful. It made the esplanade look like it is from a different place. It can also make anyone who takes a long stroll feel safe.
Now, I understand why my one year and a half old niece wants to visit the river esplanade everyday. I regret that I did not visit the place soon enough. But tomorrow, I will surely visit it again and in the following days too. When I have time I will definitely join in group morning exercises. I will definitely have fun in my new favorite place.

The Frustrating Part of Being Forgetful

Losing your wallet can be one of the most irritating and frustrating thing that can happen to anyone. I know because it happened to me several times already. The year will not end without me losing a wallet or a credit card holder. I lost another wallet just recently. It happened on the fifth of February this year inside the mall. I am not sure the exact location where I exactly lost it. After filing a blotter report- as it could have been a case of thievery-I asked the assistance of the mall’s management to allow me watch the CCTV footage on that day. I was advised to wait for a week for the management’s decision as it needs to be coordinated with the top bosses. I also called my bank and all credit card providers to close all my accounts. So I called home and asked my brother to check my other wallet. Thankfully I only lost two credit cards, an ATM card and some cash. The credit cards will be delivered at my mailing address but the ATM card will be delivered at the bank stall in the same mall after ten working days.

After ten working days I came back at the mall to pick up my ATM card but the bank stall is nowhere to be seen. What is in place of the bank stall is the Dry Erase Writable Folding Sidewalk Sign which we can always find outside some cafes and restaurants. This writable folding sidewalk sign has approximately a 36 inches tall and 21 inches wide for the message area. So it is hard not to miss what it says on the message area which says that the bank stall has transferred to the next building near my work place. As for the CCTV viewing, the mall's management called me and gave me a detailed report of what exactly happened from the time I entered the mall until I left it. I lost the wallet someplace else.

If there is a medal for someone who loses his/her wallet multiple times in a year, I could have earned one. I should have learned my lessons. Unfortunately, being forgetful is quite an incurable disease.

Renewal Of Vows

Finally, our parents’ big day has come. Everybody is excited. Who wouldn’t be? We will all be a part of not just any other wedding anniversary. We will be witnessing the renewal of vows of two important people who had been a part of our insignificant lives. We will be witnessing the renewal of vows of two important people who are in love for the longest time around. Such devotion to one another is kind of rare. Some even considered such relationship a legend.

I am glad and please that I am my parents’ child. A lot of people consider me as lucky since I am one of those few kids whose parents still stay together no matter what adversity they encounter. I see them fight all the time just like any normal couple. But they always patch up afterwards. So I never lived in fear that one day they will finally end their relationship. As their child, there is nothing more fulfilling than preparing for their wedding anniversary.

Seeing their happy faces is worth all the wait and preparations. They thought that it was just a simple wedding anniversary. It was a big surprise for them that we were able to gather all their friends to celebrate with us especially that today is also Valentine’s Day. My mom was in awe especially when we turn on all the exterior lights, step lights and flood lights in the yard. The outdoor flood lights provide just enough illumination for the whole yard showing the beautifully done landscape and garden. They did not expect to be renewing their vows as well. They thought that our uncle who is also a priest is only joining the wedding celebration. They acted upset that we did not tell them sooner but we all know that they are thrilled.

Starting Your Own Business


In starting a business, there are a lot of things to be considered. You have to consider the place or location, the people living in that place, the law, the competition and many others. But first and foremost you need to have a feasibility study as this will help you strategize which is the best location for your chosen business. This will also help you come up with the best marketing plan. Doing an intensive research on your chosen business venture is a wise thing to do.

I know several successful business ventures which only started as a college project just like my aunt’s restaurant business. My aunt’s restaurant business is in fact the feasibility study of my cousin. But their passion for cooking and their love for food play a huge factor in the success of their business. On top of it, they serve with their hearts. They love their customers and really take care of them real well. They treat their customers as their friends. You can see them talking to their customers as if they are long time friends. So it is not pure luck why they are successful. They owe their success to their loyal customers who really seek them out whenever they are near the neighborhood.

Moreover, the interior design of their business is also warm and reminds you of home. You can also say that the place is carefully chosen. The restaurant has a great landscape and garden which will enchant passersby especially at night as there are flood lights or spot lights which keep the place illuminated. They also have one of those Lighted Wall Mount Sign Brackets to greet their customers at night. The sign bracket with light is stylish and unique that will surely attract customers 24/7. In fact this is the only indication that the place is in fact a business establishment.