Helpful Directional Street Signs

Signage such as “No Smoking”, “In Case Of Fire Do Not Use Elevator. Use Stairs” and “Keep off the grass.” are only a few signages that we encounter everyday. We see these signs on the streets, roads, offices, gardens and buildings. These signages either give us identification, direction or a warning or friendly reminder. In addition, these signs inform us on what we need to do or what we should know that will keep us from getting into trouble.
However, no matter how many signages are posted in the streets, roads, offices and buildings we still get into trouble. That’s because we neglect to read and acknowledge these signage especially the directional street signs that we often see all the time. I never realized its importance until recently when the directional street sign going to my uncle’s place broke down because of the storm. I did not know which way is which. It is very unfortunate that there are no landmarks that will show me which way to go. I have to call my uncle for direction to their place which I should be familiar with already since I have been there many times. But I was too dependent on that directional street sign I guess. I am only thankful that I reached the intersection before sundown because there are no street lights as well otherwise; I was probably scared to death before he came to my rescue.
Directional street signs are important especially in remote places to lead or direct travelers and tourist the right way to their destination. I suppose the old directional street signs need a replacement since it had been standing there for as long as I can remember. For now, they had it replaced with wood until the new street sign made of cast aluminum which they had ordered online is delivered. The good thing is they will be installing a solar directional bullet sign that will make the directional street sign visible at night. I only wish that they will solar street lights as well but I guess that requires a bigger budget.

Decorative Street Sign Frame A Great Street Identifier
Identifying a street or a road is not easy if it does not bear any street sign or road sign. Landmarks are probably helpful in finding the right place but not all the time. It is confusing and frustrating especially if it is your first time going to that place. It is even more confusing and frustrating if all the people you asked for help are not even familiar of the place especially to someone like me who has no sense of direction.

My sense of adventure has gotten the best of me when I decided to pay my high school best friend whom I have not seen for eons of time a visit. Time has not only changed us but the places around us as well. There are still traces of the old town that I am familiar with but because of the business establishments and residential spaces which were not there since we moved I was totally lost.  Thankfully, they have this Custom Decorative Street Sign Frame which holds the name of the streets and their former names. It is catchy and stylish enough which makes it somehow easier for any tourist to find the right place.

I wish that our town will have this Custom Decorative Street Sign Frame as it gives any place a distinctive look. Besides the street signs that identifies every street are in a bad shape. The street names are faded and are barely holding on the post. In addition the street post which is holding the street names are bent. But what can you expect? The street posts are more that 20 years old. I only hope that the people in charge will take action in removing the street posts which are barely holding up as it might cause an accident in the future. I also wish that instead of a simple street sign they will use the Custom Decorative Street Sign Frame as it also boost the appeal of any street or road. Thus attracting tourists or sightseers.

The Stop Sign

Everyday we see different types of signs. They are either meant to promote or advertise a new product, to promote social awareness, tell us directions and to give us a friendly traffic reminder or to give us a warning. Among these signs the most important are the traffic signs or road signs. These are signs are normally posted at the side or above roads for road safety, instructions or warning. Every motorist must learn them by heart to avoid road accidents in the future. In addition, learning them is every future driver’s key in order to pass their drivers’ license exam.
Image Courtesy of Sign Bracket Store
One of the most familiar traffic signs or road signs that we see everyday is the stop sign. Every kid knows it just by looking at the color and shape of the traffic sign frame. We often see them posted before the intersection where all motorists are warned to make a full stop. They are also found in residential areas, near the school yards and places which are considered as accident prone areas. Moreover, as agreed during the Convention on Road Signs and Signals or Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals , the word stop is inscribed in an octagon shaped traffic sign frame on a red background and a white border. The word stop is in white and can be written in different languages. However, the stop sign is also seen in a circular shaped traffic sign frame on a white or yellow background and a red border. But the word stop is written in blue or black inside red inverted triangle and can be written in different languages as well. 
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Losing someone we love is not easy to bear. However, losing them in a blink of an eye because of ignorance or careless is definitely not acceptable. Accidents just happen. None of us can stop accidents especially road or traffic accidents. However, these accidents can be avoided by diligently observing the traffic signs or road signs. Our government is not spending our tax money for these traffic signs or road signs just to be ignored. Above all, they are for our safety.