Lost Without The Wayfinding Signs


Decorating the venue of my cousins wedding reception is tiring. But it is even more tiring looking for it. The inland resort where the wedding reception will be held is only three months old so nobody is familiar of the place yet. Not even the townsfolk know where it is located. There are neither wayfinding signs nor directional signs which could have helped us find the venue of the wedding reception as well. The streets sign going to the wedding reception was not helpful as well as they are barely standing. Besides, the paint on the street sign is also faded. After half an hour of searching for the “lost venue”, we were able to find it. It is located in the most secluded part of the town which is owned by the bride-to-be’s uncle.


Seeing the in land resort for the first time is worth all the trouble. I finally understood why my cousin, the groom, agreed to have their wedding reception held in this out of nowhere place. The place is like paradise. It is surrounded with different types of decorative plants and trees. Outdoor lamp posts and landscape lights are also artfully installed in the resorts little park.  Wayfinding signs are also found everywhere to give directions which is kind of ironic. They could have installed wayfinding signs going to the inland resort as well for easier navigation.


I hate getting lost. It is frustrating and disorienting. I admit that my sense of direction is bad but somehow I know how to read directions. Without wayfinding signs, directional signs, street signs or landmarks to identify the place things could have been worst. Business establishments such as restaurants and inland resorts should also use not just any wayfinding signs. They should used signs made of cast aluminum for they they proven to last for a long time.

Missing An Important Ad

How would you feel if you found out that your favorite product was on sale and you just missed it? Would you feel Frustrated? Irritated? Upset? I was frustrated, irritated and upset all at the same time when my friend told me that the body cream I was buying yesterday was on sale for a week and I was one day late. There were not enough promotional tools which could inform the public that they were selling the body cream for half the price. All they have is five small sized banner posted outside the store’s door and windows. I also check the store’s website and social media site but there was no indication that they were selling that body cream at 50% off.
Although there are times the advertisements can be irritating they are important in informing the public of what is going on. The banners on the store’s door and window were not enough to catch the attention of the consumers. They could have hanged it on the outdoor banner brackets which could hold the size of their promotional banner. That could have really helped promote the product as well as inform the consumer of the ongoing promotion. Unfortunately, the outdoor banner brackets installed outside the store are in a bad shape and needs replacement.  I never noticed it until yesterday when I visit the store to check if they have extended the promotion of my favorite body cream.
I felt bad that I missed such a good promotion. I only wish that the store could have used other means of promoting the product besides posting it on their doors and windows. Advertising tools such as billboards and social media are also effective. But then again, hanging them on outdoor banner brackets are the most cost-effective way of catching the attention of the public especially the passersby and motorists. Well, I guess I need to wait for the next promotion because it really ended a few days ago.

Promoting Social Awareness

Several buildings in the city were found to be dangerous and were marked for demolition. Warning signs are posted everywhere to ensure the safety of everyone. However, the request to demolish these old buildings was met with resistance. These buildings are part of our heritage. They are meant to be restored and preserved not only for our benefit but for the benefit of our children’s children as well.
Preserving and restoring old buildings require a large sum of money. A group of experts to restore the old place back to its glorious days is also needed. But as the proverbial saying goes if there's a will there is always a way. Petitions to stop the demolition were passed around online.  There are also several fund raising projects for the restoration of the old building. Hundreds of banner signs to stop the demolition were hanged on the fiberglass fixed pole banner brackets to ensure that everyone does not miss it. Some protest signs are also displayed along the streets going to the building which is about to be demolished. Billboards with gooseneck lights were also used to inform the public about the demolition.

The response from the people to stop the demolition and restore those old buildings was so great that the request to demolish the buildings were postponed. This little victory was not possible without the vigilance of everyone who was willing to spend their time and money for the benefit of preserving our history. The amount spent to promote social awareness with the use of the fiberglass fixed pole banner brackets and billboards with gooseneck lights is rather costly. But it is the most cost-effective way as these fiberglass fixed pole banner brackets and billboard with gooseneck are strategically installed in populated places and busy streets.

Importance Of Flood Lights

Flood lights are often found in game centers, outdoor playing fields and parking areas for illumination. These are also used to illuminate stadiums and stages during live concerts or play performances. Aside from these, they are also effective in highlighting signage, monuments, building decorations and commercial landscapes.  These fluorescent outdoor flood lights are made from high quality materials which can withstand even the toughest elements. These Fluorescent sign lights and outdoor flood lights also come in different shapes, sizes and colors to suit your lighting needs.
We do not give much attention to these types of lighting fixtures in comparison to the decorative home lighting fixtures. But without these floodlights or spot lights, we will not be able to enjoy a game or two of our favorite ball games such as baseball or basketball. There are probably other outdoor lighting fixtures to take the role of these fluorescent sign lights and outdoor flood lights during a live concert or play performance and ball game events, race events and boxing events. However, this type of commercial lighting fixture is specifically made for this kind of role because of their effectiveness and efficiency in providing illumination during low-light conditions. We will not be able to enjoy the building decorations and the commercial landscapes at sundown as well without these fluorescent outdoor flood lights.

In addition these fluorescent outdoor flood lights are not only for perfect in providing lighting during night games and live concerts. They are also the best choice in providing light in parking areas, plazas and other commercial areas. These  fluorescent sign lights and outdoor flood lights are even used in building construction sites. I have seen several construction workers working night and day at the river esplanade near our work place as the government is rushing the construction to meet their deadline. Because of these commercial lighting fixtures, there is no day or night. Almost everything that we can do at day time can also be done at night time.

Project Clean And Beautiful Environment

There has been a massive road construction going on near my work place. This has been going on for almost four months already. Because of this construction project of the government there is heavy traffic and rerouting which is a great inconvenience for both the commuters and the non-commuters.  However, this is something which everyone should understand as this is project will benefit everyone in the future. Just like the health park projects which the government had started months ago, the new road project is meant to promote a healthier lifestyle as there will be a lane meant for bikers and joggers. This road construction project is also meant to boost the tourism and economy in the city.  In addition, this is not only meant to beautify the city.

Little by little, we are seeing what should the proposed project should look like. The government is really seriously committing to a clean and beautiful environment and a healthier lifestyle. Aside from the trees and decorative plants which were planted along the streets, the old street lamps which had provided the city with light for as long as can remember were removed and were replaced with park lights which are not only beautifully designed but are functional as well. The phalanx of new park lights is a big improvement to the rusted old street lamps as it these are rust resistant. It is durable as well since it is made from cast aluminum which is the same material used to make sign frames, road signs and traffic signs. These are also heat resistant which can sure withstand the erratic change of weather. These powder-coated park lights are not only meant to improve the beauty of the city but to provide safety to everyone as well.
For now, a lot of people are still complaining about the heavy traffic, rerouting and noise coming from the heavy equipment which are used in the renovation project. But sooner or later everybody will realize that something good came out of result of their sacrifices. Hopefully everybody will be pleased of the result.