Lost Without The Wayfinding Signs


Decorating the venue of my cousins wedding reception is tiring. But it is even more tiring looking for it. The inland resort where the wedding reception will be held is only three months old so nobody is familiar of the place yet. Not even the townsfolk know where it is located. There are neither wayfinding signs nor directional signs which could have helped us find the venue of the wedding reception as well. The streets sign going to the wedding reception was not helpful as well as they are barely standing. Besides, the paint on the street sign is also faded. After half an hour of searching for the “lost venue”, we were able to find it. It is located in the most secluded part of the town which is owned by the bride-to-be’s uncle.


Seeing the in land resort for the first time is worth all the trouble. I finally understood why my cousin, the groom, agreed to have their wedding reception held in this out of nowhere place. The place is like paradise. It is surrounded with different types of decorative plants and trees. Outdoor lamp posts and landscape lights are also artfully installed in the resorts little park.  Wayfinding signs are also found everywhere to give directions which is kind of ironic. They could have installed wayfinding signs going to the inland resort as well for easier navigation.


I hate getting lost. It is frustrating and disorienting. I admit that my sense of direction is bad but somehow I know how to read directions. Without wayfinding signs, directional signs, street signs or landmarks to identify the place things could have been worst. Business establishments such as restaurants and inland resorts should also use not just any wayfinding signs. They should used signs made of cast aluminum for they they proven to last for a long time.

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