Promoting Social Awareness

Several buildings in the city were found to be dangerous and were marked for demolition. Warning signs are posted everywhere to ensure the safety of everyone. However, the request to demolish these old buildings was met with resistance. These buildings are part of our heritage. They are meant to be restored and preserved not only for our benefit but for the benefit of our children’s children as well.
Preserving and restoring old buildings require a large sum of money. A group of experts to restore the old place back to its glorious days is also needed. But as the proverbial saying goes if there's a will there is always a way. Petitions to stop the demolition were passed around online.  There are also several fund raising projects for the restoration of the old building. Hundreds of banner signs to stop the demolition were hanged on the fiberglass fixed pole banner brackets to ensure that everyone does not miss it. Some protest signs are also displayed along the streets going to the building which is about to be demolished. Billboards with gooseneck lights were also used to inform the public about the demolition.

The response from the people to stop the demolition and restore those old buildings was so great that the request to demolish the buildings were postponed. This little victory was not possible without the vigilance of everyone who was willing to spend their time and money for the benefit of preserving our history. The amount spent to promote social awareness with the use of the fiberglass fixed pole banner brackets and billboards with gooseneck lights is rather costly. But it is the most cost-effective way as these fiberglass fixed pole banner brackets and billboard with gooseneck are strategically installed in populated places and busy streets.

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