Project Clean And Beautiful Environment

There has been a massive road construction going on near my work place. This has been going on for almost four months already. Because of this construction project of the government there is heavy traffic and rerouting which is a great inconvenience for both the commuters and the non-commuters.  However, this is something which everyone should understand as this is project will benefit everyone in the future. Just like the health park projects which the government had started months ago, the new road project is meant to promote a healthier lifestyle as there will be a lane meant for bikers and joggers. This road construction project is also meant to boost the tourism and economy in the city.  In addition, this is not only meant to beautify the city.

Little by little, we are seeing what should the proposed project should look like. The government is really seriously committing to a clean and beautiful environment and a healthier lifestyle. Aside from the trees and decorative plants which were planted along the streets, the old street lamps which had provided the city with light for as long as can remember were removed and were replaced with park lights which are not only beautifully designed but are functional as well. The phalanx of new park lights is a big improvement to the rusted old street lamps as it these are rust resistant. It is durable as well since it is made from cast aluminum which is the same material used to make sign frames, road signs and traffic signs. These are also heat resistant which can sure withstand the erratic change of weather. These powder-coated park lights are not only meant to improve the beauty of the city but to provide safety to everyone as well.
For now, a lot of people are still complaining about the heavy traffic, rerouting and noise coming from the heavy equipment which are used in the renovation project. But sooner or later everybody will realize that something good came out of result of their sacrifices. Hopefully everybody will be pleased of the result.

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