Missing An Important Ad

How would you feel if you found out that your favorite product was on sale and you just missed it? Would you feel Frustrated? Irritated? Upset? I was frustrated, irritated and upset all at the same time when my friend told me that the body cream I was buying yesterday was on sale for a week and I was one day late. There were not enough promotional tools which could inform the public that they were selling the body cream for half the price. All they have is five small sized banner posted outside the store’s door and windows. I also check the store’s website and social media site but there was no indication that they were selling that body cream at 50% off.
Although there are times the advertisements can be irritating they are important in informing the public of what is going on. The banners on the store’s door and window were not enough to catch the attention of the consumers. They could have hanged it on the outdoor banner brackets which could hold the size of their promotional banner. That could have really helped promote the product as well as inform the consumer of the ongoing promotion. Unfortunately, the outdoor banner brackets installed outside the store are in a bad shape and needs replacement.  I never noticed it until yesterday when I visit the store to check if they have extended the promotion of my favorite body cream.
I felt bad that I missed such a good promotion. I only wish that the store could have used other means of promoting the product besides posting it on their doors and windows. Advertising tools such as billboards and social media are also effective. But then again, hanging them on outdoor banner brackets are the most cost-effective way of catching the attention of the public especially the passersby and motorists. Well, I guess I need to wait for the next promotion because it really ended a few days ago.

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