Helpful Directional Street Signs

Signage such as “No Smoking”, “In Case Of Fire Do Not Use Elevator. Use Stairs” and “Keep off the grass.” are only a few signages that we encounter everyday. We see these signs on the streets, roads, offices, gardens and buildings. These signages either give us identification, direction or a warning or friendly reminder. In addition, these signs inform us on what we need to do or what we should know that will keep us from getting into trouble.
However, no matter how many signages are posted in the streets, roads, offices and buildings we still get into trouble. That’s because we neglect to read and acknowledge these signage especially the directional street signs that we often see all the time. I never realized its importance until recently when the directional street sign going to my uncle’s place broke down because of the storm. I did not know which way is which. It is very unfortunate that there are no landmarks that will show me which way to go. I have to call my uncle for direction to their place which I should be familiar with already since I have been there many times. But I was too dependent on that directional street sign I guess. I am only thankful that I reached the intersection before sundown because there are no street lights as well otherwise; I was probably scared to death before he came to my rescue.
Directional street signs are important especially in remote places to lead or direct travelers and tourist the right way to their destination. I suppose the old directional street signs need a replacement since it had been standing there for as long as I can remember. For now, they had it replaced with wood until the new street sign made of cast aluminum which they had ordered online is delivered. The good thing is they will be installing a solar directional bullet sign that will make the directional street sign visible at night. I only wish that they will solar street lights as well but I guess that requires a bigger budget.

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