The Iloilo Esplanade, Iloilo City, Philippines

Photo Credit Goes To Owner
The river esplanade near our neighborhood which opened two years ago has been receiving a lot of good feedback. It has been one of the tourist attractions in town because of its clean surrounding and beautiful scenery. The river esplanade is not only clean and beautiful but it is child friendly as well. It is frequently visited by families and couples who just want to enjoy a good stroll or people who want to lose some extra weight. Smoking is definitely not allowed which pleases the non-smokers especially those who have allergic rhinitis and asthma.  Moreover, fun runs or run for a cause are conducted in the park. The first time it was opened to the public fun runs are organized almost every week.

Photo Credit Goes To Owner
But it was only earlier this evening that I was able to finally set foot in the new tourist attraction in my neighborhood and I almost kissed the ground. The place is a paradise. Everything looks lovely. It is beautiful in the morning but it is even more beautiful at night.  Even the monument sign which is illuminated by Fluorescent outdoor flood lights is great. At lot of people are taking pictures of the river esplanade sign. The flood lights, street lamps, and the other street lighting fixtures keep the whole place alive and beautiful. It made the esplanade look like it is from a different place. It can also make anyone who takes a long stroll feel safe.
Now, I understand why my one year and a half old niece wants to visit the river esplanade everyday. I regret that I did not visit the place soon enough. But tomorrow, I will surely visit it again and in the following days too. When I have time I will definitely join in group morning exercises. I will definitely have fun in my new favorite place.

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