Renewal Of Vows

Finally, our parents’ big day has come. Everybody is excited. Who wouldn’t be? We will all be a part of not just any other wedding anniversary. We will be witnessing the renewal of vows of two important people who had been a part of our insignificant lives. We will be witnessing the renewal of vows of two important people who are in love for the longest time around. Such devotion to one another is kind of rare. Some even considered such relationship a legend.

I am glad and please that I am my parents’ child. A lot of people consider me as lucky since I am one of those few kids whose parents still stay together no matter what adversity they encounter. I see them fight all the time just like any normal couple. But they always patch up afterwards. So I never lived in fear that one day they will finally end their relationship. As their child, there is nothing more fulfilling than preparing for their wedding anniversary.

Seeing their happy faces is worth all the wait and preparations. They thought that it was just a simple wedding anniversary. It was a big surprise for them that we were able to gather all their friends to celebrate with us especially that today is also Valentine’s Day. My mom was in awe especially when we turn on all the exterior lights, step lights and flood lights in the yard. The outdoor flood lights provide just enough illumination for the whole yard showing the beautifully done landscape and garden. They did not expect to be renewing their vows as well. They thought that our uncle who is also a priest is only joining the wedding celebration. They acted upset that we did not tell them sooner but we all know that they are thrilled.

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