Lighting Ideas: New Business Basics

Your store needs something that most owners are wishing for, more customers and more sales. You know for the fact that your store provides quality products and goods and you are good at it. The problem is some of the owner never even think about adding few things that can provide store branding and revenue.

Store presentation provides a significant value to store branding. By the time customer walks into your store, he has received several impressions about you, from your advertising, word of mouth, your store front and your product display. This is the perfect time to make a good impression. You can create an effective product display after determining what type of image you want your store to project to your community and your customers.

Product Displays that Work

Product displays should be easy to locate. Use sign frames and sign brackets that can help guide customers and make it easier and more pleasant for them to find the products and services they need. Adding artistic goosenecks and barn lights to spot your products and signage are very effective to increase sales in certain products. Showcase products in high traffic areas. Your strategic placement of your sign frames and displays clearly states to your customer how you plan to conduct business and how you plan to respond to your customer's unique needs. It also makes it easier for the sales staff to close a sale and to give easy directions to your customer.

Evaluate you Retail Space

First, location should be easy to reach in a very short period of time. Many people do their shopping on the way to and from work. This eventually make profit in a short period of time. In addition to being easy to find, there is the need to consider such factors as the safety of the community. The surrounding area should be secured and comfortable during store hours especially at night. The street should be well lit and the sidewalks adequately wide to allow for foot traffic. For ambient lighting use gooseneck lights to highlight your store logo and sign frames and the area where light is needed the most.

How does your store measure up? You should know by now. Make some small changes that can make a huge difference

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