LED Leads Lighting Manufacturing This Year

Yesterday I wrote an article about manufacturing businesses in USA that become the vital source of progressing economy in our country especially in lighting industry. Today I read some common issues that will make an impact to lighting business this year, 2013. I have searched constituents online about their thoughts, and their certain vantage point pertaining to design, manufacturing, administration and education on what we may expect for lighting manufacturing in 2013. Many of the constituents believe that LEDs continue to offer a good alternative but our vintage lighting must not be left behind. In fact most of commercial establishments still using the old luminaires for many purposes. However with advancements in technology, LEDs become our best alternative as many experts says.

According to Mark Major at Speirs + Major," In creative terms, we see the combination of continuing improvements to solid-state lighting technology, and in particular control, providing exciting new possibilities. LEDs continue to improve in terms of quality, output, and efficiency such that “all-LED schemes” are now becoming the norm. We are interested in lighting technology and the potential of new materials, especially those that react to light. This can include new types of composites, resins, glasses, plastics, and films."

I am not surprised that some time in the future LEDs will replaced old luminaires and still offering the same features and qualities. In my own opinion lighting bulbs may be totally abandoned and replaced by LEDs but the fixtures may still be the same. For architecture, the vintage look of certain fixtures such as outdoor gooseneck lighting and barn lights still be useful in most businesses, even for residential solutions. I have foreseen that lighting industries might adopt LEDs due to its quality and efficiency but the housing or fixtures itself may still have the vintage substance. 

For commercial lighting solutions LEDs is a promising  vector towards development and productivity. Moreover,  sustainability and globalization are also the common issues that will impact lighting industries this year and onwards. Businesses and common people will surely adapt these changes as time goes by. We need change for the betterment of our lifestyle and our society.  

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