Ads That Leave An Impression

Advertising is an art. It requires a fountain of endless creative ideas. It should also be witty, attractive and should leave a lasting impression to the public. It should also be entertaining and brief if you want to keep the public's attention to your product or cause. You should also consider your audience. Surely, there are impressionable kids who will not stop asking questions to anything they see, feel and think. My young nephews and nieces does that all the time. We were kids once too and I am sure that our parents do not want to be within our perimeter when we start asking the what's and the why's which seems to last forever. 

avenue or boulevard banners and light pole or lamp post brackets

Advertising serves as the public's guide in buying their basic necessities. It is a very powerful tool in marketing which influences us to buy a certain product. For most of us, we normally buy the products which we often see on the television or on an avenue or boulevard banners and light pole or lamp post brackets which we always pass by on the street or those which are highly recommended by our friends. But most of the time we buy the things which are recommended by our friends because they are “tried and tested” without thinking that we have different likes,wants and needs. I always fall for the highly recommended products. I used to buy products which were suggested either by a family member, friends or relatives. There was a time when I bought a soap because according to my cousin it is effective in removing pimples. I have also seen the effects to her skin. Unfortunately, it multiplied the pimples on my skin instead of removing them. Lesson learned. What is effective to you may not be effective to everyone. 

There so many things a good advertiser should consider every time they promote a product. They should also follow the Advertising Standards Authority or ASA code of advertising standards. That will greatly help them create not only an artistic ad but also a 'legal, decent, honest and truthful' one too.

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