Caveat Emptor

There are a lot of ways in how businessmen and advertisers convince there buyers or would-be customers into buying. More often than not, advertisers use the media such as the television networks, radio stations and newspapers. It is only logical and smart since the media has a huge coverage of potential customers or buyers. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and the likes are also used as a medium in advertising your products. You can advertise or promote your products and pay a small amount only through these social medias. This is less expensive compared to television networks, newspapers and radio stations who charge advertisers handsomely. Most businessmen I know promote their business online through the social media or social book marking. You can also see their ads anywhere on the page or site you are visiting because these sites only charge a smaller fee compared to television networks and radio stations. These are very effective marketing promotions these days especially if you are introducing your products for the first time. 

As a potential customer or buyer myself, I mentioned in my previous blog that these type of promotions do not normally work for me. What best works for me is the word of mouth. This also one of the reasons why some companies would gather a few ordinary looking people who will attempt to persuade the potential buyers by professing on how good and effective the product is. Most of them sound convincing and thus you end up buying the product. I also fell for this type of promotion or is it because I am not hard to convince? Perhaps salesmen are really good in picking the person who they can easily persuade to buy their products. 

I often say that you should only buy what you need and not your wants especially when your money is meant for something else. However, it is easier said than done. It really takes a herculean effort and discipline to walk away from these products which seems to be great deals especially when you are in the mall with all those fancy and witty banners on hanging sign brackets and the lovely clothes highlighted with commercial light reflectors. That is the reason why we were taught in school of the famous phrase "caveat emptor" which means let the buyer beware so we should be wise enough to choose which or whom to believe. Otherwise we will be buying even those what we don't need and end up in debt.

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