Plant gifts Over Conflicts

Plant gifts speak louder than words. This is derived from a common proverb that says, action speaks louder than words. It may sound funny and absurd but that is a fact. In ancient times, hosts of wars give something to their opponent a peace offering to declare that the war will not happen again. It may be a form of expensive silk, gold, or an expensive plant to put everything to end. Nowadays, we give something to our loved ones a peace offering to end the fight. Sometimes the word sorry is not enough to compensate the injury and the misery that we experience. Even kids ensure that they are forgiven by giving candies to their playmates to stop the fight and continue playing the game.

We usually try to keep our emotions within ourselves to act professionally, and to avoid conflict. We do not realize that avoiding conflicts can be stressful. We try everything in our power to avoid it, but this only creates feelings of tension, resentment, and stresses within us, and once we finally do attempt to resolve it, it will often come in the form of us exploding or being overly aggressive. The best remedy is to face it and embrace it. Avoid arguing and remember that there’s no such thing as “winning the argument”. Sometimes words cannot express how much you really feel. We need to show them that we are sincere to our intention. We ask for their forgiveness and we might offer them something like a gift plant to end the conflict.

Sending plants as a symbol of peace offering may put everything to end. And if you know someone in mind whom you hurt along the way, apologize to them and end the conflict. So consider sending peace offering like gift plants to your enemies and friends and live a life with contentment.

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