Custom Sign For Your Business

A few days ago I pass by a newly opened store in our neighborhood with no signage or any indication of its name nor the nature of its business. Intrigued I went in and was greeted by a cheerful sales clerk who informed me that they are not yet officially in business.

According to the sales clerk, their custom commercial sign has not been delivered yet and he is waiting for its delivery when I entered the store. I also found out that they are selling several types of Chinese tea and some Chinese medicines which according to the sales clerk are very effective in treating almost all types of ailments. I am not a big fan of herbal medicines or tea but I bought some tea products anyway. I was told that the Chinese teas especially the green tea they are selling is effective in weight reduction.  It is also high in anti oxidants and can lower high blood pressure. A week later after drinking the green tea, I lose a few pounds. So I returned to the store to buy some more teas and this time a huge custom sign bearing the name of the store is proudly hanging outside the same store greeted me. There were also a lot of customers waiting to be served. I was told by the same sales clerk who assisted me that their business has been doing fine since their opening day. The custom sign also made a big difference to their business because it gave them a sense of identity.

Signage used to be an eyesore for me but I perfectly understood now why they are necessary in every business or commercial establishments. Without it, nameless business establishments would appear illegal and customers will not dare enter the store. These signage bear their name. Just like our names, signage also serves as their identity.

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