Street Lights And Traffic Signs For Road Safety

Road accidents or vehicular accidents is known to be one of the leading causes of death among Americans according to FHWA or Federal Highway Administration. It is also the leading cause of death across the globe base on statistics. In spite of the best efforts of offices such as FHWA who are responsible for making our roads safe, this type of fatality still happen. Is it because of our lack of discipline? Or is it because of our carelessness? Perhaps. But then again, accidents just happen.

I have a few near death experiences because of road accidents myself. My last experience happened sometime in mid-April. My cousin and I were driving home from their farm in spite of my uncle's wishes that we spend the night with them. We should have listened to him because on our way home we almost crashed into a road safety barrier which could have badly injured if not killed us. That would not have happened if there are roadway lighting or street lights along the way. There are no safety road signs or traffic signs to guide motorist as well. 

Street lights and traffic signs may not ensure total road safety or prevent accidents. But somehow, these will lessen road accidents and other traffic related accidents.

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