Travelling With The Help Of Street Signs


Not all of us know how to use the GPS . Neither know how to use the Google map nor Google earth. Unlike our great forefathers, we are not skilled to know how to get directions using the natural elements of this world. For these traffic officers, traffic signs and street names are of great help and important to a lot of travelers and commuters. Even those who can barely read will be able to reach their destination just as long as they are familiar with the shapes of these cast aluminum sign frame.

Isn’t it that whenever we go to a new place or travel to a strange place, we usually depend on the road signs which we pass along the way. Although not all of us has a sense of direction, still these road signs or traffic signs help us avoid accidents . It helps us reach our destination safe and sound especially if we are traveling at night. However, there are times when these signage are not that helpful especially when it is dilapidated and are hard to read. That is quite distressing for travelers especially those who are not familiar to the place. Even those who are suppose to know the place at the palm of their hands will have difficulty in finding the right way to reach their destination since landmarks and other road identifications are known to change because of some natural elements.

I know I have said many times in my previous blogs that I have no sense of direction and often get lost even in my own place. I have been too dependent to technology such as my GPS that had somehow made me panic and cripple if I am not without it. But somehow I still manage to reach my destination with a few hiccups. But worst things could have happened if there are no road signs, street names and other helpful signage which tell me where is leading to where.

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