Revisiting Our Favorite Restaurant

Working in the customer service can be very stressful. I used to think that being a customer service agent is one of the coolest jobs ever. It is not only a high paying job it is easy as well because all you need to do is just sit down and answer phone calls. Everybody in our neighborhood thinks the same way too. What I don’t understand back then that in spite the fact that it is a high paying job most people I know don’t stay longer than two years. But after working in this line of work for four years and five months I realized why. It is not as easy as I thought it was. Answering all the queries of your customers, listening to their woes, complains and curses which are not even directed at you can be a test of patience. But in spite of these I loved my job. I love my teammates. They are the reasons why I lasted in this job for a long time.

After our work we would go to our favorite restaurant. It is our way for getting rid of all the stress acquired from the office. What we like about the restaurant aside from their excellent customer service and exemplary dishes is the atmosphere. The place is adorned with different types of flowering plants and green plants inside out. They have a cool sandblasted commercial signage, an Oval Custom Sandblasted Sign, which holds their name. The design of the signage gives the restaurant a French country style which is kind of appealing in spite of its simplicity. They also have one of theses changeable letter signs, a Portable A-Frame Changeable Letter Folding Signs, which are popularly used in schools, hospitals and churches to display important messages. We often check that Portable A-Frame Changeable Letter Folding Signs for their daily promotions and menu of the day. This is much convenient compared to the usual menu books because the letters are large enough to read. Moreover, what we like best about this restaurant is that we were given a ten percent discount since we are their valued customers.

Yesterday, after two years, my friends and I went back to that restaurant. Everything still looks the same. It still has the same French country style signage and changeable letter signs. There have been additional flowering plants inside and they added a small fountain inside as their new attraction. We were told that the management has changed but other than that we still see familiar friendly faces of the staff. In spite of all the changes that is going on around I guess some things don't change.

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