Various Ways To Advertise


All types of advertisements are seen everywhere and in every form. You can find different forms of commercial advertisements online, especially on the mobile games or online games you play and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also find marketing materials such banners, billboards with gooseneck sign lights, or decorative sign posts in real estates, the shopping malls, airports, on the television or newspaper. I used to be irritated by them. But somehow I learned to accept that without advertisements, there is no one who will support the shows we watch, the news we read on newspapers or the games we play. Without them, we will have limited shows or news. All mobile games or online games will also be played with a fee. In other words, our entertainment, comes with a cost which is willingly paid by advertisers.

However, not all advertisements are meant to persuade people to buy their products. For example, during the time of election, political parties, supporters and politicians use various forms of advertisements such banners, television and newspapers to persuade the public to vote for them. Non-government organizations such as the Save the Children, a non-profit organization who is committed to help children around the world by providing them with food, medical assistance, education and sees to the full recovery of their community, also utilize all possible means of advertisements to seek assistance across the globe or to promote social awareness. NGO ads on the other hand is done for free. 

We cannot live without advertisements, non-profit or commercial. These are something which the world cannot live without. Even we advertise ourselves. We promote ourselves to get us a job, to gain friends, and to be a part of a group or to gain the approval of other people by making ourselves look good, educating ourselves everyday and improve our personality.

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