The Trip Back Home


The trip back home from my sister-in-law's hometown was quite entertaining. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery along the way. Almost everything about their town is perfect. I suppose it is the main reason why a lot of tourists visit their hometown. Their government had really invested in beautifying their town. Lovely flowers and trees adorn their streets. Decorative light posts are also lined up along the streets. The landscape are also well-trimmed. In addition, their street signs seem to be brand new. 

I can say that their hometown is the cleanest and the most organized hometown I have ever seen. No smoking signs are found in almost every corner of the street. This reminds me of how our government is working on making our hometown smoke free as well.  I have also noticed that their banners are also well organized. You do not see them anywhere but hanging on the pole banner hardware which are attached to every decorative light posts. The pole banner hardware they are using are no ordinary ones. They look quite fancy. These banner brackets can easily attract the attention of passersby and motorists. It seems that the manufacturer of the pole banner hardware have carefully thought of the banner bracket design. These banner brackets seem to complement the banners which are used to support the banners.

Banners and billboards can be entertaining if they are installed in the most artful manner. The pole banner brackets are really a great help in advertising your products. These also explain why our government are also investing in these banner brackets. These will not only organized the banners but these can also increase the income of the government.

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