City Beautification Towards Progress

Tourism plays an important role in every nation. It opens the door towards progress. As we all know if there are tourists in the country, job opportunities and livelihoods come in. It is the main reason why our City Mayor have been seriously working on the beautification of the city in spite of the negative feedback he have been receiving from the media and rally troops or protesters. Since he was declared a Mayor he was able to improve the city in so many ways. One of them is the river esplanade which has been the main attraction of the city.

A lot of people visits this tourist spot because it is not only beautiful it is also clean. The management of the river esplanade has strictly implemented a clean air policy. No smoking signs are everywhere to remind everyone that smoking is strictly prohibited in the area. Signs to keep the place clean all the time are also everywhere. I suppose this is the reason why people keep coming back in this beautiful spot.

Aside from developing an esplanade for people who seek to unwind, enjoy a relaxing stroll, or exercise, the city mayor had also made a major renovation of the roads. Broken street lamps were changed to decorative street light posts. These decorative street light posts does not only brighten the city streets at night but they are also a beautiful decoration during the day. Unlike the broken lamps, these new decorative street light posts are efficient. These street lamps are especially designed for beautiful parks and residential areas for the rich and famous. Seeing these lamps brightening our streets really make a beautiful sight. I admit that I am not a big fan of the City Mayor but after witnessing all these beautiful changes he made in the city, I must say he deserves a pat on the back.

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