Vintage Lamps For Your Home

Illuminate your home with the Mini Bowl Shade Gooseneck Light. It may sound unusual to some  people that I am using a mini gooseneck light at my doorstep. But the Mini Bowl Shade Gooseneck Light is proven to provide efficient lighting while gracing my home with its unique and chic design. What I love about this particular lighting fixture is that it can be customized so it could blend well with the color of your wall just like what we did. I have specifically requested to have the Mini Bowl Shade Gooseneck Light in painted copper metallic as the color matches the color of my new home. Its color and design gives my new home a vintage look just like how I want it.

Some of my friends may find it unusual that while everybody else loves contemporary or modern designs I prefer vintage designs instead. I suppose it is because vintage designs are timeless. They do not go out of style just like the mini gooseneck light which lights my doorstep. In addition, its classic design is extra-ordinary in this modern world.

Breaking away from modernization is kind of hard to do. Decorating my home in a not-so-modern-way may look like I am stuck in the past.  But definitely I am not. I just want to feel what it feels like to live in a classic designed home. They look cool in this modern world. I must admit that the mini gooseneck light gave my home a lot of attention not only from my friends but also from my neighbors. The attention is too much for comfort but I do not want to get rid of this lamp just because I hate attention.

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