Honoring My Dear Father


We celebrate Father's day in different ways. Most of us go to beaches, restaurants and resorts to have a great bonding time with our dear dad. Billboards and banners are posted with different promotions for the celebration of Father's Day. Shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and resorts made the billboards and banners more attractive and visible by adding commercial lighting fixtures such as gooseneck sign lights. The more attractive and visible these ads are, the more popular they are to the public. It is a good thing that these ads are posted everywhere. It helps us choose the best gift or the best celebration we could offer to our father. These ads constantly remind us that in a few days, we will be honoring our father for all the love, protection and support they have given us since we came into this world.

We could return their unconditional love in various manners. Father’s are easy to please. I can remember the time how my dad got teary eyed when we gave him a personally made Father’s day greeting card when we were little. How could a simple act of love make my father cry like that? Now that we are old and can do so much for him, by making this coming father’s day extra special for him. Aside from preparing a special meal for him at my Aunt’s restaurant, my siblings and I agreed to post our greeting on a billboard which my aunt had recently installed in front of her restaurant. It is a good thing that the billboard has gooseneck sign lights to show everyone how our dad mean the world to us. Of course, other dads are included in that special greeting as well.

Father's Day is a well-celebrated holiday in honor all the fathers across the globe. This is a celebration which pays tribute not only to those who had played a huge part in our conception but most especially to the ones who have raised and loved us as their own. This is the least we could do to show them how much we value them and the special role they play in our life.

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