Pagoda Style Post Lights For A Safer Neighboorhood

Image by Solar Wind Street Lights
Safety must always come first. However, I do not feel safe at all as I pass by our street every night. It is all because none of the street lamp posts in my neighborhood are working like it is suppose to. Our neighborhood is in darkness for almost two weeks already. The issue has been reported to the homeowners association the first night our neighborhood did not have any lighting. It is like a deja vu when the kids in our neighborhood accidentally hit one of the street lamp posts while playing ball several months ago. One of our neighbors at that time proposed vapor tight lighting fixtures as these types of lighting fixture are protected from breakage and other extreme condition.
Image by Hooksandlattice
But this time the lamps were stolen. It may sound impossible that the lamps of the 128 inched tall street lamp posts were stolen but it happened. The officers could have agreed on the suggestion to change the lamps. However, the officers of our homeowners association decided that the Double Arm Vintage Design Lamp Post with Clear Top is still a better option. These Double Arm Vintage Design Lamp Post with Clear Top lighting fixtures have been lighting our paths since time I can remember. These lamps provide not only better illumination and protection in our street but they also add up to our beautiful neighborhood as well.
Image by Hooksandlattice
However, after all the lamps were stolen, the homeowners association are considering to change the all the outdoor lamp posts. The architect suggested to use the Powder Coated Cast Aluminum 3-Lamp Pagoda Style Post Light. This decorative outdoor lamp post also provide beauty and illumination but compared to the Double Arm Vintage Design Lamp Post with Clear this outdoor lamp post looks better and three times safe from thievery since it is was made from cast aluminum. But right now, it does not matter what type of lighting is installed in our streets. Any type of lighting fixtures will do just as long as our streets lights again. Just like an infamous line goes, it is better to light just one little candle than to stumble in the dark.

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