Holiday Vacation With My Family


The holidays are over and so is my short vacation. I wish that everyday is a holiday so I can enjoy a very long vacation where I spend more time with my family and loveones. But I know that I have to earn my keep just like everybody else. Otherwise I will end up in the streets for not having any money to pay the rent and my other bills. Anyhow, I really enjoyed my vacation no matter how short it was.

But what I enjoyed the most during my short vacation was shopping with my family. Thankfully there are a lot of advertisements posted on gooseneck illuminated billboards which shows awesome advertisements of my favorite stores and restaurants where they are giving out big discounts to their valued customers. And in spite of the social media advertisements such as Facebook and Google, banners and posters showing the different promotional offers of different stores are also everywhere. You can find them either hanging on outdoor banner brackets or posted on the walls outside the stores, lamp posts, parks, and even in the bus and train stations. So there is a 99.9 percent chance that you will not miss the ads. These promotional ads are quite handy especially during the holiday seasons. I really saved a lot and I guess that aside from Black Friday shopping, Christmas shopping also made me feel less guilty knowing that all the items are bought at a very reasonable price.

I will always be forever looking forward to the holiday seasons. I am grateful that our bosses are giving us a time off during these holidays to spend more time with our family and loveones. These holidays have somewhat revitalizes or recharges us which makes going back to work more fun and it feels like going back to work for the first time.

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