Peets Coffee + Tea: Through The Years Of Expertise - On The SPOT!!!

My dear readers,

Once I am on front of my computer I cannot stop myself of imagining things. Things that make me start to work as a daily routine. Every weekdays I sit on my comfortable desk as early as the sun starts to greet us with a morning smile. Oh and I almost forgot! (I really do this everyday) a warm sip from a cup of my tasty brewed coffee before hitting the tiles of my keyboard. Yes! I am once again rejuvenate by a single doze of a cup of coffee that I love. 

Today, I began checking the best coffee shop and most promising place to visit in Berkeley, CA. I found this unique place in 1776 4th St., Peets Coffee + Tea. Surprisingly, I found out that this was serving the community with its unique blend of teas and coffees since April 1st of 1966, owned by Alfred Peet. His style according to the reviews I read was unlike anything Americans had ever tasted before - the quality, the blend is very rich and complex. He began influencing the trademark of American people and continue to revolutionized the taste of a true beverage master and eventually influenced and inspired new generation of coffee entrepreneurs, including the founder of Starbucks.

Since Peet built the business, his goal has remained the same, to continue putting their best feet forward to raise the bar for the American coffee industry at the same time offering a great tasting cup for those who truly love coffee like me.

While offering a world class cups of tasty and unique flavor to the community, they also donot forget to WOW their coffee lovers with their store presentation and customer service. From outside you can see how they accented the signage with 3 Elongated Angle Shades perfectly installed above the sign

This type of gooseneck lighting is very effective in highlighting signs and carry the branding through the years like Peets Coffee + Tea. It is no wonder why they still provide world class flavor and customer service over the years. 

I hope you would also try to visit this coffee shop and taste the flavorful cup of their signature blends.

Yours Truly,

Jose Emmanuel Almirante


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