4th Street Studio: Store Lighting, Presentation and Services - On The SPOT!!!

4th Street Studio, opened at 2000 4th street Berkeley, is a one of a kind art gallery and shares studio space. It was created to offer pleasant, creative and affordable atmosphere to create art and network with fellow artists. With more than 30 local artists represented, this studio has one of the huge selections of original masterpieces in the area.

The growth of the community is still growing and evolve through time... new an old members are sharing their skills and dreams while the studio remains as their loyal venue of building their dreams. 

The studio itself is well adorned with beautiful and artistic gooseneck lighting outside for more visibility and beauty especially at night. It makes the studio more prominent and well respected in the area. It build trust and loyalty to all who would like to use their services. 

These stylish outdoor gooseneck lights are the perfect solution for illuminating signs, awnings, walls and architectural spots that need illumination. These are usually made from aluminum that are suitable for exterior and interior applications. For this type of sign lighting it is advisable to use one fixture every 3 to 4 feet width of the signage. Consider ambiance lighting, placement of the fixture, color of the sign and the color of the bulb because they are also important in giving you a full performance of your sign lighting... Indeed 4th Street Studio offers one of a kind services and also building its trust and distinction to its customers through store/studio presentation.

- Jose Emmanuel Almirante


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