Barn lights: Lighting Fixtures for Modern Designs

Lighting is significantly the most important element in restaurant design because improper lighting can obviate the effectiveness of all other elements. Simply lighting creates and modifies mood. This also makes a room feel intimate and spacious or even exciting, friendly, quiet or full of electrifying energy. The effectiveness of light does not only rely on intensity but also the light source, the quality of the lighting and the contrast of light levels in different areas of restaurant. Ideally, the complexities of designing an effective illumination are handled by professionals like lighting design consultant. But if cost or budget is the main problem, these can be handled by architects or interior designer and they must be well versed in lighting psychology and sensitive to specific demands of the facility.

As observed, barn lights are the most prominent type of lighting fixtures that most designers and architects prefer to use for their lighting design. From being effective, barn lights offer a distinctive value in terms of design and appeal. With all the modern features of contemporary lighting fixtures, barn lights offer art and accommodation like no other.

Barn lights can be easily mounted to light a wall, sign or specific areas. Most of these fixtures have maximum wattage of 100W for incandescent applications but these are also available in compact fluorescent and metal halide configurations. Moreover barn lights used glass globes with different color options to compliment with the theme and ambiance of the restaurant. Gooseneck arms of barn lights come with a round aluminum wall mount or box mount back plate for easy installation. To make barn lights sturdy and artistic, aluminum back plates, gooseneck arms, and light fixtures are all furnished with powder coating to withstand undesirable weather conditions and to compliment the exterior and interior part of the restaurant.

Barn lights re- enter contemporary culture successfully. Architecture is advancing but trends are recycling thus commercial establishments all over North America use barn lights as prominent fixture in both exterior and interior part of the building because these fit the designed aesthetics, and the overall concerns of every designers. Manufacturers nowadays learn to develop the vintage style of barn lighting. As you can see popular restaurants use barn lighting to make their ambiance more dramatic and perfect to dine.

Serge is one of the Frenchest of the French restaurants in Manhattan used Barn Lights for appeal and ambiance.

Serge Restaurant for example, located in Madison Ave. Manhattan, use barn lights on their walls for more dramatic effect. The restaurant's atmosphere looks stunning and very comfortable to dine. Imagine dining in one of the Frenchest of the French restaurant; eating wild mushroom ravioli with white wine sauce as their signature dish while enjoying the pleasure under the ambient lighting of Serge Restaurant in Manhattan. It feels so perfect!

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