Barn Lights Add A Retro And Old Fasion Flare To Gale's Restaurant And Bar in Pasadena

Pasadena is a great place to visit in Southern California. No one should miss visiting Norton Simon Museum in West Colorado Boulevard where vast collection of European painting and sculpture can be found. And, of course, the best place to dine in Pasadena, the Gale's Italian Restaurant and Bar in South Fair Oaks Avenue. Here is a great authentic Italian restaurant that brings all flavors in the right tune. All the classic and original recipes at Gale's are served to a tee. If you like legitimate Italian food, in an expensive place but with reasonable price you can not go wrong with Gale's. This is Pasadena's favorite restaurant in the community. The bar, although a little small, is lively and welcoming. Now, Gale's Restaurant and Bar is very popular in the area especially on weekends. Nothing but great food in a comfortable lovely place, served to diners. This is really our favorite place to go when our stomach is empty or just in need of a hug. Truly, the food rocks as does the atmosphere!

I went here last Monday after a recommendation from a friend. I found the area and parking to be perfect, not to far out of the way but this meant easy parking and no long walks. The facade may be simple but when you pave the way in you would definitely see how they accentuate their dining area with barn lights hanging overhead, clinging to the worn out beams... And above all, they have a great and authentic Italian dishes... I like their ravioli a lot!

As observed overhead barn lights were evenly installed over the dining area for illumination and they look great. They have Stacco finish which is a good choice for enhancing the retro image of the restaurant. This arrangement not only enriches the restaurants overall appearance, it creates a comfortable ambiance for diners and guests. The Stacco porcelain shades give off a soft glow to the dining area while providing adequate lighting for diners below. These barn lights emanate a worn out look that you would think could only be found in the days of old. It is very obvious why most well-known stores not only in California but all over the country use barn lights as their lighting fixtures to utilize the classic appearance to enhance the environment and to create an ambiance that welcomes each and every diners.

Over the years, with all the modern details of a contemporary lighting fixture, barn lights are arguably employed by most restaurants and stores because of flexibility and beauty. Apart from that, these fixtures can be easily mounted to light a wall, sign or a desired area. Wire guards and glass globes are also introduced to the design for improving building aesthetics. Barn lighting are designed to accommodate incandescent bulbs, hallide lighting or other high intensity discharge lamps that save establishments maintenance costs and energy consumption. Indeed, barn lights are flexible in nature. Nothing is more effective in providing artificial light, only barn lights can offer a retro look and old fashion flair to the community.

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