Plants That Are Perfect for Your Hanging Baskets

There is nothing wrong with displaying glorious fuchsia or begonia in hanging baskets - in fact, the result can be stunning, especially if you have several identical hanging baskets cascading along the porch front of your house or store. The principles for combining flowers in hanging baskets are similar to those for designing any mixed planting applied in window boxes and planters. The difference is with hanging baskets, size and weight are much more important. The larger and heavier the baskets, the stronger the hanging chains and hooks must be as well as the ceiling or siding that support it.

Trailing plants are usually the attention grabber of any hanging basket combination. This can beautifully displays trailers of all kinds- from dazzling annuals to classic ivy to luscious strawberries. Trailers can cascade way beyond the basket or simply spill over the rim with vibrant colors. Gardener enthusiasts have an abundance foliage plant or flowering ideas that provide vertical interest and movement for a flower garden.

House Plant Trailers

Many kinds of tropical trailing plants are grown as houseplants during winter season. These can be planted in hanging baskets and can be moved outside during summer. English Ivy is often grown as houseplant and has varieties that includes all green and variegated leaf colors. This plant needs moist well draining soil and prefers part shade outdoors but bright light indoors. There are also trailers that can perfectly match your hanging baskets like spider plant and purple heart.

Flowering Vine Plants

These type of trailing plants wind itself around fencing or trail from hanging container. Flowering vine plants have strong stems that can withstand even in strong weather. These are employed in landscape design with both aesthetic and utilitarian purposes in mind. Lovely colorful trailing vines like blue moon, passion flower are perfect choice when you want to add maximum beauty and interest to your garden and are best in hanging baskets.

Cascading Filler

Some plants are classified as filler due to the fact that they are easily fill in the open space between plants. Fillers that slightly cascade over the edge but do not grow long still add vertical interest. The best fillers are small- to- medium- sized evergreen plants that grow equally well in sun, pest proof and non- invasive. The best example are Evergreen giant, fox-tail fern and coontie.

Hanging baskets add character to your yard or porch and the good news is these require very little maintenance once the baskets are planted. If you start gardening in the air with some down-to earth planning, the path to success will be smoother with hanging baskets involves a careful assessment of the type of plants and cultural requirements necessary to grow your garden beautifully.

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