Artificial Hedges for Fences that Looks Like Real Plants

A beautifully designed patio or deck defines outdoor space and gives it character. From decorative patio surfaces to colorful gardens to tranquil water features, patios transform the yard into a functional living area that enhances and becomes a natural addition to the home. If your front yard garden is designed to be seen from the street, a small enclosure at the front porch can provide some privacy. For privacy use tall, filled- in walls instead of railings. You do not need to install privacy walls all the way around the deck, just on the side or sides where you want to block the view where you are in the full view of the neighbors. Privacy screen works well, as does lattice that's filled in with flowers and vines and the result can be stunning. However, garden designers and homeowners need time to make an astounding privacy walls with live plants on it. Faux hedges in this case is the best solution for you.

For the fact that our weather changes seasons after seasons growing our own hedges is very tough and difficult to manage. It is appropriate to use faux hedges when we are making our patio or deck look more likable with less effort and tight budget. With this idea you do not need to toil, water and trim your topiary because they do not grow. But fake hedge provides a realistic evergreen scenery at the front of your home welcoming the visitors and friends.

There are several good reasons why faux hedges are advisable to use as privacy screen.


Low maintenance is the major advantage to attain the benefit of foliage without gardening. Soil, watering and weather condition are irrelevant in this matter. It also saves your time waiting for the real plants to grow so the effect is instantaneous.


Artificial hedges come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can customized according to your personal requirements. Usually these come in three dimensional rectangular form of boxwood, pre- cut into a hedge shape which can be cut to size.


Although outdoor artificial hedges are not significantly cheap in comparison to wooden fences, these provide curb appeal and they are cost effective for long boundaries. Because of its simplicity and convenience many experts prefer fake hedges for wall fencing.

Indeed , artificial hedges are popular alternative to traditional wood, metal, live plants fence designs. They provide the same privacy yet offer the look of a living hedge and are durable in any weather conditions.

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