Lighting Schemes For Store and Home

Lighting does more than simply provide illumination; its layered effect can dramatically change the way your home and store looks and feels. There are 4 different types of designs to create a spectacular view for landscaping and curb appeal.

Ambient Lighting

The first layer of lighting is ambient. Ambient is the general light in the area during the day and the sun is the best example of it. At night, artificial light source are used to uniformly illuminate the room as well as Fluorescent tubes This is essential but does not usually adds any decorative elements.

Task Lighting

This type is purely functional. Many stores are using this way of illumination to make our activity easier, fast and efficient. This is also an evident with reading lamps used to brighten just the space below. Barn lights and rlm lights are the best fixtures to use.

Focal Lighting

Focal lighting is more decorative than functional and is used to highlight certain areas. Most stores use this layer of light to highlight a product or a signage that is most important to their business. To draw customer attention this technique is very effective. Gooseneck lights are also used for accent lighting and sign lighting to illuminate sidewalk signs and sign frames.

Decorative Lighting

The final lighting layer is decorative lighting, which is purely for design and for aesthetic purposes. When this is properly designed, you can create more visual interest and fun. Some decorative lighting can come in any form of lighting fixtures. The most popular types of decorative lighting is the gooseneck. All these lights come in all different colors and you can adjust them by creating a mood.

The most effective way of adding lighting scheme of the building is to combine the four types of lightings. This can dramatically beautify every corner of your house and store. One way of creating a name is to add lights to your design. If you want to make a difference, try to install these fixtures to create layering of lights and make your store beautiful Contact your designer near your area to make it happen.


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