Barn Lights: Closer to Home

"Few weeks ago I visited a store that sells a wide variety of items for office and and home accessories. I was planning to buy bedding for the bedroom and I was also searching for beautiful candles that I can use for this coming Christmas season. The store is selling jewelry, cards, candles, silverware and wall art. The storefront is magnificently decorated with Barn lights on both wing of the store highlighting the banner brackets. When I entered the store, I felt a lot different compared to other stores that I visited - not too cold just exactly right for my body temperature. The lights are soothing and convenient to shop around. I hadn't notice any glare lights throughout the store. I walked around for more than 15 minutes before I bought the items I need. At the counter, when I was ready to pay for the items I need, I was staring at the jewelry on top of the counter table. I stopped for a moment and took a few minutes to look at the jewelry. I am not an impulse buyer but there was something on that time while I was looking at that piece of necklace displayed on the jewelry rack. I thought it will make a perfect present for my girlfriend this Christmas. I knew I still had spare money to buy the necklace. Well, I bought it and now I am waiting for the Christmas come. I am so excited and I know my girlfriend will be happy for my Christmas gift for her this year." - Unknown Shopper

Barn lights are very popular in stores nowadays. Business owners are installing these fixtures inside and outside their buildings for illumination. These provide lights that they need for task lighting, above the counter table and inside the production area. These can also be used as sign lighting to illuminate sidewalk signs and sign frames.

The 12" inch Barn Light with 9.5" Straight Arm Extension is an ideal fixture to use for task lighting. You can also choose different globe options depending on the color of the light that you need- clear, frosted, prismatic, amber, green, red and blue bulbs. As a tip, clear and frosted bulbs are usually compatible to retails and convenient stores. Amber lights are usually used on boutiques, and these are ideal for accent lighting. Prismatic, green, red and blue globes are usually used in bars and pubs.

It is very surprising why most stores use barn lights than any typical lights that are available in the market. Because there is more to it than just providing light. It feels less like visiting a store and more like coming home.

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