Gooseneck and RLM Business Lighting - Entrance Lighting and Sign Lighting

Gooseneck Lighting captures the very best of days gone by with Gooseneck Lighting supplied by Architect Design Lighting. From an industrial past to a aesthetic present, Gooseneck Lights are defying their conventional definition to establish completely new design presence. As a supplier to industry leaders in architecture and design, we recognize the creative value of vintage lighting styles like Warehouse and Barn Lights along with their modern derivatives. Starting with the reflector shade, we offer four distinct styles including Barn Lights, Warehouse Lights, Angle and Emblem shade varieties in a wide size range for prime photometric refinement.

Gooseneck Lighting by Shade Style

Provided in four distinct styles - Barn Lights, Warehouse Shades, Angle Shade and Emblem Style Shades. Each outdoor Gooseneck Light reflector shade also comes in versions translatable across many different design aesthetics. From rural and rugged to urban and trendy, the perfect, Gooseneck Lighting can be a good ally in accentuating pointed design concepts.

Gooseneck Lighting by Arm Extension

Gooseneck arms extensions and bent conduit stems which are efficient and attractive foundations or RLM lights included in sign lighting along with commercial applications. Proven with time as a practical selection for illumination, gooseneck fixtures have maintained their functional presence while venturing further into the world of architectural lighting applications.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are a fashionable and savvy choice for residential and interior business lighting. This collection, supplied by Architect Design Lighting, includes a wide range of hanging lights to match any design aesthetic. Whether it's a group of mini pendant lights lining a coffee shop counter or a single Deep Bowl Shade at an office reception desk, drop hanging lights add alluring refinement.

Pole Lighting

Outdoor pole lights are a dominant fixture in exterior commercial lighting design. Aluminum light posts can be found lining urban boulevards, illuminating nature trails or on the patio at your favorite café. This collection, offered by Architect Design Lighting, brings custom flair to the post light and, consequently, for your project.
Classic & Popular Radial Pendant Lights

When it comes to portraying a sense of style with lights, pendant lighting is unparalleled in design power and efficiency. These classic warehouse-inspired and radial shade pendant lamp varieties, supplied by Architect Design Lighting, make for a commercial or residential lighting solution that packs a remarkable punch.
Barn Lights & Warehouse Lighting-Barn Lights, frequently referred to as Barn Style Sconces were the foremost and most desired style of lighting in industrial warehouses and businesses. Developed in the early 1900's, these wide-brimmed shades use RLM and gooseneck arms to extend off the wall and throw light where it's needed. Various sizes and heights of the arm extensions and shades are available to provide functional performance and eye-catching style.

Flood & Spot Lighting

Flood Lighting and Spot Lighting increases viability and adds to the aesthetics of any home or office. Architect Design Lighting provides a great range of flood lights and spot lights to help brighten business, hotel or restaurant. Ideal to light monument signs and wayfinding signs, these ground mounted lights are slim and sleek and with fluorescent options offer long life and low maintenance.

Achieve the alluring benefit of a chic contemporary lighting system with Modern & Futuristic Pendant Lights, offered by Architect Design Lighting. Inspired by popular Tech Lighting styles, these pendants are both attractive and energy efficient. With varying takes on the sleek, vented shade design each pendant lighting fixture in this collection is its own unique solution to other modern lamps. Try a pair as bedside table illuminators in a contemporary loft home or as inspired high tech lighting for a progressive urban office space.

Railroad & Vintage Pendant Lights-- Modeled after the rustic lighting fixtures that have historically illuminated rail depots and platforms, this collection of Railroad & Vintage Pendant Shades - supplied by Architect Design Lighting - captures all the warm nostalgia of riding the line. Rustic light fixtures effectively work as a design accent in homes with an antiquated aesthetic, or as efficient commercial lighting, like in an old urban factory converted to office space. For any project requiring timeless sophistication, vintage pendants add that special something.

Derived from a collection of different design inspirations, Deep & Shallow Bowl Pendant Lights are perhaps the most versatile category of lighting and fixtures supplied by Architect Design Lighting. The collective appeal of a bowl pendant light fixture coupled with the funky flair of a hanging lamp tends to make an architectural lighting collection with a lot to offer to a range of design projects. Place bowl pendant lighting and fixtures over the breakfast bar of a traditional ranch home or as desk lighting in a contemporary office.

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