Different Types of Lights and Their Uses

Lights have great effects as they could change the mood and ambiance of any room or space. This is the main reason why many business establishments are now using lights to entice more customers, especially in restaurants, shopping stores, and bars.

There are different styles to lights. They also come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. The most popular type of light is florescent lights. These lights normally come in white or dim light colors. These lights are normally used in areas that need more radiant lights, such as counter areas, lobbies, and more.

Halogen lights are also widely used in business establishments like bars and hotels. Halogen lights like mercury halogen bulbs produce a white blue light while sodium halogen bulls create a yellow light effect. They are mostly used in gardens and spaces that need dramatic changes and effects.

Another type of light that is gaining popularity these days are lamps. These are best used in restaurants and garden spaces. Lamps come in different sizes and styles. They provide low voltage lights that could enhance and highlight any corner. They are also used by hotels as pieces in lobbies and bathrooms.

Led lights are modern type of lights that are normally used in restaurant bars. They have a longer shelf life of 100,000 hours and more, which is much better than other types of lights. They depict simplicity and modern lighting effects.

Lastly, the most practical and widely used type of light these days are barn lights. Gone are the days that they are just used as prime barn lights. They are gaining come back as they are being used in restaurants as lightings over the top of tables, counters, and more. They provide a vintage feel to any traditional or contemporary architectural design.

Barn lights come in different colors, shapes, materials, and designs. They often are made of powdered coated materials that are great options for exterior and interior lighting effects. Powered coated barn lights are more durable and flexible, as they could withstand any weather either hot or cold. Examples of widely used barn lights are gooseneck arm extension barn lights and barn lights with straight arms. They also come in different sizes, such as 12 inches, 16 inches, and 18 inches sizes. These barn lights also come in wide variety of color schemes that could match any architectural design either modern styled or traditional ones.

There are different styles and designs to lights, all are bound to give dramatic and excellent lighting effects.

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