Stone Monument Signs- Signs in Minutes

Faux stone pillar measures 20” wide that’s secured to a 24” wide base. The two different tops caps of your choice are included in the pillars which are either 48” or 60” tall.

Cellular PVC sign blanks come in three unique designs which are handmade to be thick and worthy of a true monument which we have specially made. These sign blanks can accommodate a message on both sides which will be helpful for two-way pedestrian or motorist traffic. Imagine the money you save when ordering only one printable side for the office front. Sign blanks can be customized to better suit your needs as it comes in different lengths and heights. This will absolutely help you maximize your available space and your business name or location.

One of stone monument signs models which copies from the bold, brusque championship theme is called Olympian Model Stone Monument Signs. It usually has a round, 30” tall and 3” thick emblem sign blank and its classic premium look is ideal for tall company logos or brand icons interrupted by horizontal-vertical text.

Faux stone monument signs or fake stone signs as they are usually called are a durable and safe, aside from being quick and money saving approach to stone masonry.

Mainstay Stone Monument sign model is an answer to today’s quick and money saving way to create a distinctive look in no time. This model collection incorporates a large printing surface within a uniquely trimmed thick ad 3”deep to register that regal and stately look of any business. This model comes in 2 heights and 3 sizes blanks to choose from.

Another unique model of a stone monument sign is the Vineyard which incorporates a 3” thick lattice crown on top of a large rectangular printing/ laminate surface. You may want to consider these large format cellular PVC sign blanks as they pff the depth and substantive quality which is a requirement to make a good visual impact not just to pedestrians but to motorists as well.

The faux stone monument signs can be easily assembled on-site so it saves time and money. This can be considered answer to today’s fast and affordable approach to contemporary ground mounted signage. The columns are made from roto-molded faux stones so they can be relocated should a business ever choose to move- indeed a very smart solution to monument signs.

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